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Review: "Out of This World" by Europe Famous Swedish Hard Rock Band

Updated on March 15, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Kee Marcello of the Band Europe Also Known as Kjell Lovbom


Lineup for this 1988 album

  • Joey Tempest (Joakim Larsson)
  • Kee Marcello (Kjell Lovbom)
  • John Leven
  • Mic Michaelli
  • Ian Haughland

A Little Introduction About The Band Europe

Europe is a very famous hard rock band from Sweden known for songs such as The Final Countdown. Their 1988 album "Out of This World" is another solid effort and one of the best albums of the genre. And just like readers saw with my review of Judas Priest’s Jugulator, here is another track by track analysis of this album. However, I will only do a song by song analysis of the first six songs.

Out Of This World: Superstitious, Let the Good Times Rock and Open Your Heart

  1. Superstitious-Starting with the concept of love and relationships, this first song is about someone who will keep taking the same path and his lover calls him, he will come to her as soon as possible. He knows that there is a reason why things turn out the way that they do. He will not live his life based on superstition but he will keep on walking the same path even if he wonders where the love has gone to.
  2. Let the Good Times Rock-This song is about someone who really appreciates the love of his life for the way that she makes him feel. He will spend time celebrating with her until the late hours of the night. The two of them will appreciate what they have got as the relationship will be good until the end. Let yourself appreciate all the good times that you have. Through the power of music, we can certainly appreciate the songs that these guys have created.
  3. Open Your Heart- This song is one of the best in the band’s career due to the power and passion of Joey Tempest’s voice. The song is about someone who is happy one day and miserable the next as he has had to deal with the pain of a breakup. He urges his ex to open up her heart and to tell him what is wrong. He wants to know why she does not speak to him the way that she used to do before. Breakups are very painful and the other person is left wondering if they will ever be able to cope with the loss.

The album cover for Out of this World

Vocalist Joey Tempest is pictured on the bottom row (first one) followed by Kee Marcello next to him.
Vocalist Joey Tempest is pictured on the bottom row (first one) followed by Kee Marcello next to him.

"Ready Or Not"

The Songs More Than Meets the Eye, Coast to Coast and Ready or Not

4. More Than Meets the Eye-The song has some very good keyboard orchestration. The lyrical concept is similar to the previous song as he is walking around, pretending that his love has never left him. But the reality paints a different picture, as he is lonely.

5. Coast to Coast-This slower ballad style song is about someone that wonders if he will ever make it through the day as his loneliness gets worse and the days seem to get longer and longer. Sometimes we have to rely on our faith that we will get through the day even when life seems bleak.

6. Ready or Not-This is the first real high energy hard rock song which is about someone that has received word that his friends are in town ready to have a great time. He is prepared to rock until he is hungry, rock until he hits that floor and rock until he can take no more of it. If you have fun, make sure to act responsibly.

"Open Your Heart" (official music video)

Final Thoughts About the Album Out of This World

As the second half of the album begins, one of the other highlights is the song called Never Say Die. In life when we are brought down, we have to get back up and keep on going. It is said that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. That may be a cliche but that is a very good phrase to remember. A never say die attitude is the best one to have. That’s what separates the successful people from those who are not successful. The album ends with a very beautiful love ballad called Tomorrow. He wonders if the person that he loves so dearly will be there even if the world were to fall apart. He wonders if she will be there to guide him and to follow in his footsteps, supporting his dreams and visions. Overall, Out of This World is an excellent hard rock album with no bad songs whatsoever! This one is highly recommended and it will beat such albums as White Lion’s Pride or Dokken’s Back for the Attack!

"Never Say Die"

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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