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Review of "The Princess and the Goblin"

Updated on May 29, 2014

"The Princess and the Goblin" Movie Cover


A Film Only Those Nostalgic For It Will Love

"The Princess and the Goblin" is a movie I enjoyed and loved as a child. I used to pretend I was the characters and play in the forest by my home, enacting the story line with my little sister. So I was fairly positive I'd enjoy watching it again with my kid. My baby is a little too small to be aware of a movie's story line but she enjoys seeing the bright colors and hearing funny noises or funny voices in animated movies.

Seeing it again made me realize just how bad the movie is. The animation is terrible, the script is cringe-worthy (the characters often say what they're thinking out loud), the same song is sung throughout the movie (I guess no one considered the other characters might know different songs from one another), and the ending is a little confusing.

That being said, the story itself is interesting. It's a nice fairy tale that actually has a princess who goes into action. She does require rescuing at one point, but she still fights. My favorite part is still princess Irene's grandmother. Her existence is never fully explained, which adds a lot of mysticism. Her presence is also a good addition to the story because she gives Irene very important advice that any child would benefit to hear. My daughter liked the goblin prince the most because his voice is funny. Think evil villain voice with a serious Daffy Duck speech impediment.

Who is this movie for? Those who saw it as a kid and are nostalgic about it will probably enjoy seeing this again and young kids new to the movie will likely enjoy it- although it might not stand a chance against Pixar style movies to capture their attention. This movie also might be enjoyed by people who like the animated films: "Quest for Camelot", "The Sword in the Stone", or "The Black Cauldron".

Still of Irene's Grandmother

Princess Irene's grandmother
Princess Irene's grandmother | Source

"The Princess and the Goblin" Trailer

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Film Rating for "The Princess and the Goblin"

2 stars for The Princess and the Goblin

Fun Movie Fact

"The Princess and the Goblin" is the first animated film from Wales.

Movie Quote

"There will come a time when you won't need me, because you will have found your own magic."

-Great Great Grandmother Irene

Still of Princess Irene and Curdie

Princess Irene and Curdie
Princess Irene and Curdie | Source


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    • belleart profile image

      belleart 2 years ago from Ireland

      The memories of this movie!!! I haven't seen it for years, and yet the song I remember down to a T, probably because, like you said, its the only song nearly throughout the entire film. Great review, voted up.

    • Nicole Hering profile image

      Nicole Kristine 2 years ago from MN

      It is a very nostalgic movie for many who saw it first as children. Thank you for the comment!

    • profile image

      JkR 2 years ago

      It was kind of poorly animated, but the story is decent.

    • Nicole Hering profile image

      Nicole Kristine 2 years ago from MN

      It is an alright story :) thanks for reading!

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