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Review of "the Tankard" by German Thrash Metal Band Tankard

Updated on April 4, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

"The Tankard" Starts With the Judas Priest Influenced Song Grave New World

German thrash metal experts Tankard began experimenting with their style and sound with their 1994 album Two-Faced. In 1995, they released their album The Tankard and this studio release is slightly less thrash metal and you could say that the style is heavy metal with hard rock influences. The first song called "Grave New World" musically is similar to the songs Monsters of Rock and Before the Dawn because of the softer, slowed down guitar sound. The song is about what can happen in the world if man chooses to ignore the will of GOD and do everything himself. Man can lead himself to his utter self-destruction because human nature has much ego in it and it is this ego that can put our planet in serious danger. If man puts himself above his fellow man, his arrogance can lead to serious consequences.

"The Tankard" Album Cover

The album cover for The Tankard shows a beer mug that is attached to a few birds wings.
The album cover for The Tankard shows a beer mug that is attached to a few birds wings. | Source

One Way That The Tankard is Different From Other Tankard Albums

The thrash metal influence is still used by Tankard so that is not going anywhere. The band that named themselves after a beer mug is starting this album in different fashion lyrically compared to earlier albums.

Minds on the Moon Has One of the Best Choruses That Fans Will Hear

"Minds on the Moon" is a song that is about the fact that some of us have a tendency to live life like we don’t care about anything at all as time passes us by and we are confused as to how to live. The chorus is one of the best that Andreas “Gerre” Geremia has ever sung in his life. Time keeps on going as some of us live our lives in confusion as life is seen as this illusion that makes no sense and seems to not be real even though real life is real life. A woman is encouraged to just step on gas pedal and just go after things that are stupid. As part of human nature, some of us will be attracted towards things that do not really serve our biggest purpose.

"Grave New World"

The Story of Mr. Cruel Has an Important Message in It

The Story of Mr. Cruel is a song that describes the type of person that lives their life destined to cause nothing but fear, chaos, and destruction. Meanwhile as is usually the case in politics, many politicians don’t care as long as they make money off of wars that will lead to casualties, destruction of the environment as well as the water and sewage systems of the countries that are affected. The message that we should send to our politicians is that they should never start wars for profit!

The Song Poshor Golovar Has a Melodic Chorus Part As Well

"Poshor Golovar" is a song that describes what Lucifer would do to the world. This song shows that Tankard is using more melodic chorus parts compared to earlier albums.

"The Tankard" Back of the Album Cover

Welcome to more than just "The Tankard." This is an enjoyable album that focuses on lyrical themes that matter to all human beings.
Welcome to more than just "The Tankard." This is an enjoyable album that focuses on lyrical themes that matter to all human beings.

What is One Other Major Difference Lyrically in "The Tankard" Compared to the Band's Other Albums?

Another major difference in this album compared to earlier albums by Tankard is that in this album there are no songs that focus on drinking and partying and the lyrical themes solely focus on real life issues and the flaws of the human race.

"The Tankard" Review Continued

One of the flaws of the human race is that humans have the potential to really harm this planet by the use of toxic nuclear weapons and the song "Atomic Twilight" discusses the effects of nuclear war in the year 2045. The fumes and toxins from nuclear weapons can give a person many health problems including cancer so we have to make sure to stay away from these dangerous weapons. Tankard also makes fun of the Christmas holiday but they don’t do it in a bad way. These guys use humor in their music and that’s a great thing. Positive is interpreted by me as being a song about a person that is struggling to live with the fact that he is HIV positive. The last song called "Hope" starts with some bass guitar and slowly builds up to a good mid-tempo song. The song is about the fact that even when we have lost hope, there is this spark that keeps us going and we are convinced that we will win this fight. Even when there is no hope for us on the inside, we must have the strength and the courage to keep on going towards our goals and living our life to the fullest.

Final Thoughts About "The Tankard"

With all that said, The Tankard is a very solid different kind of album by Frankfurt Germany’s Tankard and they show that they can play more than just party style thrash metal. Watch out Metallica and Megadeth because you guys have some serious competition. The other thing that needs to be said in concluding this review is that there are no bad Tankard albums that I have heard and I’ve heard plenty from this band. They bring to our attention various social issues as well as the fact that some people in desert areas suffer from isolation, dust, lack of water, and the fact that there is dioxin as the song "Mess in the West" is about.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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