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Review of "Tinker Bell" by Disney

Updated on December 7, 2008

 If you have a little young lady on your gift list I highly recommend Tinkerbell the 2008 Disney movie. This 70 minute origin story presents a strong message of taking pride in your own talents instead of striving to have what others have. Also, like any Disney movie this one comes with a long line of merchandising, but, unlike other Disney movies, Tinkerbell also has its own interactive community at

The movie has very few scary moments being more focused on the human drama, like Videa's jealousy of Tinkerbell. However, there are Sprinting Thistles and the hawk. Sprinting Thistles are more of a nuisance than a threat as they are "always trampling things and poking people in the petunia". But the hawk actually chases Tinkerbell, ripping open an old tree to get to her. Though, in the end, the other fairies are able to scare it away by throwing nuts and berries at it.

There may be some language that you find objectionable depending on the age of your child. Tinkerbell refers to her tinkering ability as stupid. The movie does show how that hurts the feelings of her fellow tinkers. But, as Tinkerbell had not yet found pride in her tinkering talent, she was unable to apologize and flies off instead. The other term that may be objected to is "hate". While ranting about her inability to master her friends' talents Tinkerbell claims that "birds hate me".

During the middle of the film Tinkerbell does have a couple of negative rants about being a tinker. However, in the end she learns to take pride in her abilities. Moreover, mastering her own talents rather than trying to copy the talents of her friends is what got her to her goal of reaching the mainland.

Unlike most Disney movies, this movie contained very little singing--just a snippet at the beginning and the end. However, the DVD includes the music video "Fly to your Heart" by Selena Gomez.

Another DVD extra is the Tinker Training Game. Mastering the game also provides secret codes that can be used for the online fairy community toward extra jewelry for the fairies. The basic game is free (though a paid version does offer more options). When signing your child up for this online community you can choose to allow full chat, which leaves your child free to type or quick chat, which only allows choices from a drop down menu. There are also additional parental controls that Disney emails you about after your child is signed up.

The online community allows girls to create three fairies of their own. They can then dress them and decorate their homes (again the paid version provides more options). It also contains a number of mini fairy games and provides them an opportunity to chat with other girls who love Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell and each of her four friends, Rosetta, Silvermist, Iridessa and Fawn, has a different talent. Moreover, it is only because each has a different talent that they are able to bring spring to the mainland. Each fairy must discover her own talent. In all, I think the film does a good job of presenting a positive message that young girls need to hear.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      thanks for the review . i love the movies of faries :)

    • Joy M profile imageAUTHOR

      Joy M 

      9 years ago from Sumner, Washington

      I did forget that one tinker fairy refers to another as a "snail brain". Sorry.

    • Ardie profile image


      9 years ago from Neverland

      Thanks for the review. I have already bought the movie, but I am hanging on to it for a Christmas gift. Im glad the story is a good one : )

    • Triplet Mom profile image

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      Great Review!! I watched this with my girls and they absolutely loved it. Thanks!


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