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Review of Travel Channels "Dead Files"

Updated on August 20, 2014

The Dead Files

The Travel Channel has a new ghost show to add on their supernatural resume. The Dead Files features physical media, Amy Allan and her partner NYPD partner Steve DiSchiavi. As of May 2014, there have been five seasons with 54 episodes. The Dead Files has been picked up for a sixth season.

Amy Allan is a self-proclaimed medium, who goes around the nation with her partner, Steve DiSchiavi, a retired NYPD detective. They both claim that they do not speak to each other during the week of investigation. DiSchoavi's job is to speak to the witnesses, and research any history on that episodes property's background. Many times, DiSchoavi uncovers murders and unexplained deaths from decades even centuries ago on the property. He is an incredible researcher, and his background as an NYPD detective is obvious when he speaks to the witnesses.

During the evenings, Amy Allan is recorded going to the property, walking around and listening to what the dead tells her, and what she see. Allan has said that she can get into the mind of spirits, being able to know what the spirits are thinking and feeling. Often, Amy Allan claims that the spirits get incredibly angry at her for her mind intrusion, and they can cause her intense physical pain.Each episode are recorded under the same format.

DiSchiavi is recorded driving to the location, telling the camera the basic information on the client. If Allan has been told any information on the property beforehand, such as for her safety, he informs the viewers. On certain occasions, the two have broken a rule of speaking with each other if there is a question of safety, or if either of them believe that there is abuse going on in the home.
Before Allan goes to the location, her assistant and ex-husband goes through the house and hides anything that may sway her reading of the house. Allan goes through the house describing everything she sees and hears in great detail. Anderson asks her questions to prompt her to give more in-depth answers. If she feels ill, he is the one who reassures her and gives her comfort.
Then, the viewer sees what DiSchiavi recorded 12-hours earlier, speaking to the owners and anyone who could have witnessed any hauntings. He gathers all information on the house and past owners, then passes that information to the current owners. If there is death was recent, he talks to the police who investigated the homicide or suicide.

During most episodes, Amy Allan usually hires a sketch artist to sketch what she sees. However, Allan has some artistic ability, and she sometimes sketches what she sees. At the reveal, she explains what she saw and what she feels about the house. If she thinks the house is not safe, she tell them what they can do to make it safer. Sometimes this means hiring a warlock, a psychologist, psychic, a priest to do an exorcism, and occasionally she outright tells the owners the house is too dangerous for them to stay.
I do not know if I believe what I see on the show. I think that Allan is mostly genuine, and I think that DiSchiavi is hesitant during the big reveal. DiSchiavi is a retired detective, a Marine, and active private investigator, so I trust what he says.

Do you think Amy Allan is legit or a fraud?

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