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Review of Unnatural History: Cartoon Network Live Action Show

Updated on June 15, 2010

Review of Unnatural History

First off, I have to admit I am biased about not liking Cartoon Network's cartoon shows and I mostly like live action shows with the exception of approving of some quality educational cartoons.  Secondly, though I like live action, I think Cartoon Network should not have live action shows unless it changed its channel name and that just seems wrong, too.  I have nothing wrong with them continueing to have just cartoons shows I hate, as there are other channels I can watch and it just seems like the wrong strategy for a cartoon only network to add live action.  Thirdly, the first round of CN Real shows rather entirely stink in my opinion, especially Dude, What Would Happen.  Finally, I actually have been looking forward to Unnatural History  for months and well I love it.

Unnatural History is about a teenager (Henry) who has spent his childhood growing up around the world traveling to many exotic places.  His parents finally decide it is time for his to go to school at "home" in the United States and ship him off to live with his uncle in D.C. and to attend a high school associated with the Smithsonian.  He struggles with the transition to a normal high school and at first his cousin (Jasper) is rather unhelpful, but he soon begins to help Henry fit in more and solve mysteries.

In the pilot Henry arrives at his new school to find that the Dean and Henry's good friend has died.  Henry soon suspects foul play and begins to snoop around to find out why the man was killed.  Overall I found it pretty interesting with little bits of history woven in kind of like in the National Treasure and Tomb Raider movies.

The show is overall entertaining and something I will watch every week, but it still does not belong on Cartoon Network.  I am afraid the show might fail and I will miss it because it just seems like it is placed on a channel where the targeted audience is not right for it.  The fact that the other CN Real stuff is still around to some extent gives me a little hope, but at the same time I kind of feel Cartoon Network is screwed up with live action being allowed on their channel with cartoon in the name and it would be nice for them to come to their senses and just create a separate channel for their live action or their channel name.


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    • profile image

      Anwen Arabella 2 years ago

      One thing is that that show is not about cartoons then why this play on Cartoon Network? ......

    • profile image

      Anwen Arabella 2 years ago

      I used to watch mostly on cartoons on cartoon Network.

    • profile image

      Cartoonnetwork90 7 years ago

      This show so stupid what the point of it being on Cartoon Network when the channel only for Cartoons