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Review of character Snoke in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Updated on December 27, 2017
Photo is screenshot from YouTube
Photo is screenshot from YouTube | Source

In the last installment of the Star Wars saga, titled The Last Jedi, the villainous character Snoke ends up being a huge disappointment. For those that did not see the movie, please stop reading as much of the movie's plot will be revealed.

Anyway, Snoke shows this potential ability of dark powers in this 8th episode of the Star Wars saga. He has all the dark powers that Sith Sidious had before him. Snoke showed his ability to shoot lighting bolts from his hands and showed telekinesis powers at magnificent levels, even while sending messages as a hologram.

Snoke also had this power that was way superior than any other character that was in tune with the force in this movie. Against Ray, he totally manipulated her lightsaber against the her will while in the air. He was also able to manipulate Ray's and Kylo Ren's bodies at whatever will he wanted.

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read if you did not see movie!

In Snoke's final scene, he is trying to brake Ray and fails due to Kylo Ren. Snoke fails to see Ren's attempt to kill him. Yes! Kylo Ren uses Ray's lightsaber to ... well... I really should not say.

In this final scene, where all three are in a room, Kylo makes a move and it really makes Snoke look like a very weak Sith, if he even was a Sith! Also, the story behind Snoke is never really told.

With Snoke getting snuffed out of the film in such a bold but silly move, in a sense, the movie kind of comes of as weak. With the mighty adversary taken down very quick, it can have the effect of leaving the viewers in disappointment. The film sets up Snoke to be this super villain when he really was not with his surprising lame exit.

Well, Snoke's exit is kind of cool. Really, Kylo Ren really gives it to him, but it still leaves disappointment int he air. It was kind of like Darth Sidious's death. That dude was thrown into an elevator shaft. Imagine being a super powerful being that can fore see most things and end up dying by being tossed like nothing into an elevator shaft by your apprentice?



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    • jlherrera profile imageAUTHOR

      Bazooka Teaches 

      10 months ago from Los Angeles

      Yeah, I thought of it that way too. Like I said, Sidious makes the same mistake too. However, they built up Snoke like crazy and gets snuffed right away, Tarantino style in a sense.

    • mata311 profile image

      Joe Matallanes 

      10 months ago from Fox Lake

      I liked your article. I will say this about Snoke, if the Sith are only master and apprentice then it fits that Snoke dies this way. The Master made a fatal mistake and the apprentice took advantage of it. He was too cocky.


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