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Review of the Album Across the Dark by Melodic Death Metal Band Insomnium

Updated on April 9, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Across the Dark is Slightly Different Than Other Insomnium Albums Before It

Insomnium may seem to some fans to be just an average, standard melodic death metal album with a predictable formula. Their 4th studio album called Across the Dark actually is slightly different from their previous releases because they have started to incorporate Ensiferum style guitar work such as the first song called Equivalence. The song is about the fact that even if we have what seems like a melancholic experience filled with despair, we must learn to live, learn, and love even in the darkest of nights. After the night comes the day where with each new day it is an opportunity for all humans to have a fresh start and attempt to embrace what the new day may bring. Even if you fail at something 100 times, it does not make you a failure.

The symbolism in this photo of the CD shows a barren tree with no branches. This is what happens in the middle of winter as the snow falls, the days are shorter and darker and the leaves disappear from the trees. The photo is a symbolism of winter.
The symbolism in this photo of the CD shows a barren tree with no branches. This is what happens in the middle of winter as the snow falls, the days are shorter and darker and the leaves disappear from the trees. The photo is a symbolism of winter. | Source

Another Way That Across the Dark is Different

Across the Dark features clean vocal parts and that is something we did not see in the band’s first three albums. The person doing those clean vocals is Jules Naveri who is the vocalist for the band Enemy of the Sun.

The Songs Where the Last Wave Broke, The Harrowing Years, and Against the Stream

Where the Last Wave Broke is trying to address the flaws of man as sometimes they try not to save a day but rather they do things that destroy that day and ultimately ruin the future of our planet. The Harrowing Years is a song that tells us that the world eventually tries to kick us down and even the sweetest wine eventually turns sour even if you don’t drink it for a long time as it loses its flavor. The song also mentions that humans are really guests on the earth as in the end, death will greet us all. Whether this is sad or not it is one of the facts of life. Against the Stream is a song that basically says that it seems like we are going down this ocean of sorrow with our days being numbered. Our existence on this planet is indeed numbered so that’s why we must all be cognizant of this reality and enjoy our days with the deepest gratitude.

"Against the Stream"

Special Comments About the Song Down With the Sun

Down With the Sun at least metaphorically is a song about trying to rest for a while in darkness knowing that in the end we will find our solace, our comfort in the midst of this chaotic yet beautiful experience called life? This song itself is a beautiful experience in itself. Note: I love melodic death metal music so doing another album review about Insomnium makes perfect sense.

"Down With the Sun"

Why is Across the Dark a Good Album?

Even though the album’s lyrical themes are about life, sorrow, and loss, the album is far from a sorrowful experience. In fact, the beauty of the instrumentation will help you to develop an appreciation for high quality melodic death metal. Niilo Sevanen’s voice is low but not as guttural as Antti Haapanen for instance.

"Into the Woods"

Final Thoughts About the Album Across the Dark

Into the Woods is a song about allowing the sun to come into our lives and bathe us in its warmth so that we can live a life of higher quality. The moon will also play its role on Earth and we will experience both the moon and sun. The last song called Weighed Down with Sorrow starts with a classical style part before getting into a death metal song. The song paints a picture that those that are excluded will live a life of pain and sorrow and that nothing will ease their pain. If you have made it this far and have been able to listen to Across the Dark in its entirety, consider yourself a tough human being because these lyrics and the mood of the music is very somber. Even if Across the Dark is the weakest of the band’s first four albums, it is still a very good one to listen to.

"Weighed Down With Sorrow"

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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