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Review of the Album "Answer to the Master" by American Neoclassical Metal band Impellitteri

Updated on April 1, 2018
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Ara is a Journalism graduate that loves to listen to heavy metal music! He is also a big fan of classical music as well.

The Back of the Album Cover for Answer to the Master


Answer to the Master is More Than Just a Good Heavy Metal Album

Answer to the Master is so much more than just the excellent 1994 studio album by American neoclassical metal band Impellitteri. It is an album that raises awareness of some of the world’s biggest issues that really need to be addressed and it is really something that this band recognized back in 1994. Here I am in 2018 reviewing an album that more fans of heavy metal should listen to and have in their CD collection. With the unfortunate illness of American guitarists such as Jason Becker, Chris Impellitteri shows that he is able to take over in the neoclassical shred metal scene and he does such a skilled and creative performance that he creates an album for the ages!

"The Future is Black"

The Future is Black is a Song of Great Importance and Here is Why

Right from the get go, the band gets busy trying to address that the future of the planet is at stake unless we do something about it. The Future is Black is a song that addresses social movements that have taken place in cities such as San Francisco and Washington D.C. Basically the song is trying to say that the future is black because of the lust and greed that have taken over and look at us now. We have not done enough to address these issues and they have spiraled out of control. The band’s lineup is the same as their next album would be. The truth eventually comes out as has been the case in politics but this is about the song “The Future is Black” which also has harmony vocals.

The Future is Black Continued

Musically the song is excellent and the message is a strong one. We need to educate our citizens especially in the US and let them know that they have been manipulated by their politicians that they themselves elected. This is not to say that all US Congress members are corrupt but the point is that we must unite and vote for the people that will represent us. Is the future really black? It is hard not to think this way given the fact that the world has so many problems.

What is the Song Fly Away About?

The album continues with the song called Fly Away and lyrically this song is similar to the first one in the sense that it addresses that sometimes we get so sick of hearing about the news of another murder of a person in the city and we just want to fly away from it all because we think that nothing will ever change. The situation may not change unless there is enough social activism to fight for the change that we would like to see. Impellitteri is one of the best American bands ever and this 1994 studio album of theirs is better than pretty much any heavy metal album released that year that I’ve heard. This effort by these guys is a heck of a product musically!

Pay Particular Attention to Song #6

There is even a ballad song called I’ll Wait. The song is a love ballad about a person that will wait as long as it takes to win back the love of his life. Something’s Wrong With the World Today is one of the best songs in the career of Impellitteri and it is a song that the band wrote back in 1994 knowing on a subconscious level that the social problems of the world would increase exponentially. To word this another way, there may be more issues that need attention now more than before. The song brings up the fact that we need to address the problem of drug addiction that plagues the homeless person that feels like they have nowhere to go to. Something really is wrong with the world if we have to question whether there is enough love to go around. Where is the faith in our society today? These are all relevant questions asked by the band in this song and what can I say? THIS is the way to write proper neoclassical heavy metal! There are definitely things wrong with our world but it is up to us to work to change these things. Inaction is the biggest obstacle to creating positive change.

"Something's Wrong With the World Today"

Hungry Days May be the Best Song in This Album

Another standout song in this band’s career is the one called Hungry Days. Some people dream about being a rock star and performing LIVE on stage when they are just a boy and they are able to make that dream a reality. As Rob Rock says “I remember Hungry Days,” (Impelliteri, 1994). I remember what year I really got into heavy metal and for those of you that have been reading these reviews you will remember when that was. There is also the song Answer to the Master. If we listen to that Master in the sky (possibly GOD Himself), we can go past the limits that have been set in our minds. I always knew that the sky was the limit on Hubpages and it has been a very pleasant writing experience.

Answer to the Master is an Almost Flawless Album

As this brilliant album comes to a close, the last song called The King is Rising is a song that tries to keep ups aware of the negativity on the local news and we have to be ready to deal with situations that may arise as a result of this. There are earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters that we must be prepared for. Answer to the Master is easily one of the best heavy metal albums of 1994 and one of the best of all time. Does it get a perfect score? It is safe to assume that it comes close to that.

Final score: 99 out of 100 points


Impelliteri, C. (1994). Hungry Days [Recorded by Impellitteri]. Los Angeles, California, United States.

"Hungry Days"

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