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Review of the Album Beyond Inferno by Greek Thrash Metal Band Nightbreed

Updated on July 13, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

An Open Doorway Into a Beautiful Garden

This photo symbolizes the entry into a sort of new genre for the nation of Greece as they try to excel in thrash metal.
This photo symbolizes the entry into a sort of new genre for the nation of Greece as they try to excel in thrash metal. | Source

About The Band Nightbreed and the Man Doing the Vocals

Nightbreed is another thrash metal band from Greece (yes, that country in Southern Europe) that is known for so much except for thrash metal. Beyond Inferno is this Greek band’s second studio album and I hear some influence of Tankard in the band’s music. “Coven of the Soullless” reminds me of a more modern version of Helstar.

The reason or this is that the riffing and song structure is similar to the album Glory of Chaos. It is hard to believe that the decade of the 2010’s is almost over but the band Nightbreed makes a strong start to their career as they head into the 2020’s on a strong note.

The vocals on this album are provided courtesy of Nir Palikaras also known by his stage name of Nir Beer.

"Beyond Inferno" Music Video

The Album Beyond Inferno Has At Least 2 Very Positive Aspects

Is this album just old-school thrash metal? Well, there is the feel of modern Exodus and lyrically I see that Kreator influence there. “Chained to the Nightmare” is a piano based instrumental song with chanting and this is one of the best ways that these Greek guys could have begun any album let alone a thrash metal album! Was there a Cradle of Filth influence in this song? There could have been but one thing is for sure: at least the vocals don’t sound like some screeching cat! Another positive about this album is that the vocals are not too rough to leave listeners wondering what the heck is going on. The vocals are better than the album Every Nerve Alive by Ritual Carnage. However, Nightbreed are one of those newer bands that is ready to show the world what they are made of musically!

Greece is a nation that should start to get more love and respect from the thrash metal community because bands like this one, Violent Definition and Amken help to kind of “wake up” Greece’s thrash metal scene though when I reviewed the album Life Sentence, that one is decent but could have been better. Beyond Inferno is going to get no less than an 80 out of 100 points.

Beyond Inferno the Songs and Lyrical Themes

Beyond Inferno starts off the full songs in this album as the spread of Greek thrash metal begins with Athens Greece based Nightbreed! The lead guitar in this song fits well with the song as well! “Psychotic Crime” is another solid song that is influenced by Helstar and lyrically this song bringing across the message that the streets are safe for no one. “Ripped by Chains” is a song about the fact that inhabiting the Earth puts us in touch with many of the world’s vices as humans have always sinned since the beginning of time. Infinite Space…Infinite Terror begins with the sounds of sword fighting and people screaming as the song gets into thrash metal mode soon enough as we are treated once again to a song that lyrically talks about fear, obscurity and the lack of existence of human life as the world is about to end.

The laugh in the song Psychotic Crime adds an interesting element as it sounds like what the band Witchery would have done early in their career.

The solos and interludes also give us a sort of Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian. Your question might be how great is this album Beyond Inferno? You might be wondering whether this album is as great as one that was released by a German thrash metal band? That’s a tough task to try and emulate because in a way, Greece is a young nation when it comes to thrash metal and they need to have the time to develop and grow. The laugh in the song Psychotic Crime adds an interesting element as it sounds like what the band Witchery would have done early in their career. Prowling Evil is a fast song about the rise of evil spirits and forces as night falls upon the land. One thing that can be said about the band Nightbreed is that in terms of its musical style, they don’t have that sort of evil and sinister sound like Dimmu Borgir or Mercyful Fate do and for some of us that is a plus. You could listen to an entire Nightbreed album in one setting day or night.

"Psychotic Crime"

Final Thoughts About the Album Beyond Inferno

This album ends with the song called Human Sacrifice as we hear a riff that is moderate Slayer influence but then the song speeds up. The song is about the fact that people can sometimes get bad dreams as evil spirits can dwell in their minds. Overall, the album Beyond Inferno is a good mix of soft, heavy, and melodic as Nightbreed show me that they can compete and succeed in the thrash metal genre.

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