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Review of the Album Beyond the Sea by Spanish Neoclassical Power Metal Band Dark Moor

Updated on September 14, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

The Album Cover for Beyond the Sea


"Beyond the Sea" has a Stronger Start Than "Dark Moor"

Dark Moor really should be given more credit in the post Elisa Martin era than some people give them credit for. They did have a very good self-titled album in 2003’s “Dark Moor” and A Life for Revenge was a powerful way to start that album. However, 2005’s "Beyond the Sea" has a slightly stronger start with the song called “Before the Duel.” A neoclassical start turns into a song that is about a man that wants to participate in a duel the next day. He is busy trying to write a poem that will be his message if he does not make it alive out of that duel. He has his heart beating but he is willing to give up his life in order to defend his honor. As history has shown, duels are very dangerous to get involved in but this is what has happened in the older days. Does anyone remember the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr? In the song, the man clearly feels the sorrow as he has to prepare for a duel that may leave him dead. I know this is not the era of Elisa but Alfred Romero has a decent voice as he shows it in this first song with his extension. Note: the album called Tarot is next on the albums to be reviewed as the journey to address and talk about this amazing Spanish power metal band continues!

"Alea Jacta"

About the Song Miracles

Miracles is a song that starts with the sound of rainfall as the piano gives it a nice classical touch. I had been reading about the lives of some of these classical music composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, Nicolo Paganini, and Franz Josef Haydn and decided to review this album as it is a neoclassical power metal album. All of us could use whatever miracles we could get and maybe listening to this Spanish power metal band can help you see that even with Alfred Romero, the songs can still be decent. The piano playing sounds like some kind of beautiful classical piece from the 1700’s and 1800’s as the rainfall sounds come again.


Beyond the Sea is a Great Concept Album

Did I have original plans to review more Dark Moor albums past their self-titled one? No, but circumstances sometimes dictate that you need to find a way to cope with life’s challenges and struggles. And also, with so much attention being paid to other power metal bands, it is almost like Dark Moor becomes sort of forgotten. The short track called “Through the Gates of the Silver Key” sets the stage for the incredible song called “The Silver Key.” This is a song that is based upon the short stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Alfred Romero may have what some fans consider an average voice compared to other more famous power metal vocalists such as Fabio Lione, Andre Matos, or Tobias Sammett but he is not lacking in talent. In the song Lovers which is on the band’s 2007 album called Tarot, he does a fine job!

"Before the Duel"

"Beyond the Sea Also Has a Ballad Song and the Theme of Love is Addressed

Green Eyes is a song about an old legend or story that tells of a spirit of the devil that dwells among the trees. It is almost like a fantasy type of story in a sense. The song is almost a ballad because of the acoustic guitar that dominates the song. Going On is song that tries to show or point out that love is at the core of humanity and this love has the power to wash away all of our past shames? Or can it really do that? If we take the time to reconstruct the life that we had and see our past as our past, all of us can have a chance to improve no matter where we are in life. Valentine’s Day just passed us in the US and love should be in the air all around us if people will take the time to love themselves and send out that feeling into the vastness if the Universe. This review is not being written in honor of that love holiday but Dark Moor is a band that I have always loved and they have adjusted just fine after Elisa Martin left. Ending this very fine album are the tracks Julius Caesar (Interlude song about the Roman leader) and Alea Jacta as well as Vivaldi’s Winter which is a heavy metal version of one of his classical pieces. Alea Jacta tells of the story that Julius Caesar has to cross the rivers with his troops just behind him and the eagles are flying ahead. The march to war continues for Julius Caesar. Unfortunately, he would be assassinated in 44 BC at the age of 56. Overall, Beyond the Sea is an outstanding album in the era of Alfred Romero. Beyond the Sea continues in the concept album theme as Julius Caesar is addressed. In the last album "Dark Moor" there were songs that addressed Attila the Hun and this one just happens to address or discuss Julius Caesar, one of the most powerful military leaders in the Western Roman Empire.

"Green Eyes" Dark Moor Song

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