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Review of the Album Called "Unveiling Insanity" by Jordanian Thrash Metal Band Exile

Updated on December 2, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


You'd Be Surprised to Know What Country the Band Exile Is From

Exile is a thrash metal band from the country of Jordan. You might be thinking something like “What? There’s actually heavy metal in that country?” For a person that enjoys most kinds of thrash metal, I decided to check these guys out. Their 2018 studio album is called “Unveiling Insanity.”

Exile Is From One of the More Exotic Nations of the World

What appeared to be the end or the conclusion of me writing album reviews is just not the case apparently. For the avid metal fan, exploration is one of the keys, one of the main qualities that make that person stand out among the crowd of fans. For the moment, let us forget about bands such as Morbid Angel or Obituary and focus on heavy metal from one of the exotic yet forgotten nations. There’s nothing wrong with Morbid Angel though at times, even an avid heavy metal listener craves music from other nations in the world.


"Unveiling Insanity" Album Review

Even so, Jordan is one of those countries that make the news for the wrong reasons but for the purposes of this album review, we will focus on the music itself which is described as old school thrash metal with various influences. The vocals almost sound like a death metal grunt because they are raspy and low enough in pitch. Lyrically, Exile isn’t as grotesque or something like that. They won’t make you cringe in fear but instead what is on this album is a solid mix of thrash metal that is already impressive by my standards. The album has the feel of a modern version of Germany’s Kreator except the vocals of Mille Petrozza are not here and this is not Kreator but their style resembles them. Some of you may consider the comparison outrageous given the stature that Kreator has earned in Germany. “City Upon a Hell” starts this album and the song lyrically is about being in a place that was built on the backs of deception and people lying to us and it has created a toxic environment. Earthly Cloak is the next song on this album and this one lyrically is about the fact that life on this planet is temporary and that there is much pain and disease. Stylistically, there is that modern Testament influence as well as a touch of Mexico’s band Buried Dreams (at least in the vocals) so this album could be considered a hybrid of thrash metal and death metal mixed into one album. The album also features riffing that resembles the time period of Chuck Schuldiner and the band Death. This is not about Chuck Schuldiner per se but he would have been very proud to hear this kind of technicality and skilled riffing if he were alive today in 2021. The song Twisted Being is heavy and it is lyrically about a person that has been brainwashed to the point that he has developed a twisted personality. He cannot tell the difference between love and hate either. Unveiling insanity is a good modern thrash metal album that should appeal to the avid heavy metal listener.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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