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Review of the Album "Cause for Conflict" by German Thrash Metal Band Kreator

Updated on July 19, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

How Does the Album Cause for Conflict Begin?

"Cause for Conflict" is the 1995 studio album of Germany’s Kreator and at the start of this album, the bass lines kick in and the heaviness builds as the song Prevail features some really fast, raspy vocals by Mille Petrozza which wasn’t necessary. There is no need to sound like the band Slayer. Lyrically, the band has not really changed much. The song Catholic Despot is a song that addresses the corruption of the Catholic Church as humans are given no respect, there is really no savior or GOD to speak of. The mission of the church is to bring people and communities together to try and preach the Gospel and put people in touch with our Creator.


"Cause for Conflict" is Not Kreator's Worst Album

One user on YouTube said that this is Kreator’s worst album. That is far from the truth as the sound of the guitars also sounds like a modern version of the band Sepultura.

"Prevail" 2018 Re-mastered Version

Cause for Conflict the Review Continued

Crisis of Disorder has guitar sound similar to early Metallica. An example of this is the song Welcome Home…Sanitarium. After that beginning modernized part the heaviness kicks in. The next song called Hate Inside Your Head lyrically is about what fanatics that are racist can do. It is like this hatred builds up inside their heads and it at points such as these that racism and prejudice really build up. This album was written in 1995, before the rise of the current political atmosphere in the United States but the band Kreator was more than socially aware to know what was going on. However, in the song Men Without God, the band once again focuses in fast, raspy vocals and the usual lyrics about how mankind becomes a wasteland and how organized religion can control people’s lives. What is this new religion that the band refers to? My point is that they should try to vary their lyrical themes a little more. The song called Lost is a song that addresses many of the world’s most typical problems including the big one…depression. When the world is engulfed by depression it seems as if the world stands still and all love is lost.

Biggest Cons for the Album Cause for Conflict

The album suffers from too much of the same song structure which consists of relentless speed, raspy vocals, and too much lyrical content about the downfall and decline of mankind.

"Progressive Proletarians"

Final Thoughts About the Album Cause for Conflict

However, the album ends with the progressive filled song Isolation which starts out softly and gradually builds up. Isolation is sometimes what we need in our lives to find the truth of what is really going on in our lives and the world. True serenity cannot be found but it lies within us as we should meditate on peace for ourselves and for the world at large. Overall, "Cause for Conflict" is a step up from the band’s album Renewal. The strongest songs in this album include Progressive Proletarians, Hate Inside Your Head, and Isolation.


© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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