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Review of the Album "Chameleon" by German Power Metal Band Helloween

Updated on March 22, 2020
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Chameleon is Not like the Typical Helloween Album

Many people who have even heard of German power metal band Helloween know about the band since the days that Andi Deris has been with the band. Before Andi Deris was in the band, the vocalist was Michael Kiske. The band’s 1993 studio album called "Chameleon" is the last studio album to feature Kiske on vocals. I notice that this album is not like the albums that would come after it. Chameleon has more of a hard rock and blues feel to it.

The Album Cover for Chameleon

The album cover for Chameleon is a series of colors or thick lines. These colors are yellow, red, blue, and green. The chameleon has the ability to camouflage itself.
The album cover for Chameleon is a series of colors or thick lines. These colors are yellow, red, blue, and green. The chameleon has the ability to camouflage itself. | Source

How Does the Album Chameleon Have a Blues Feel to It?

One example of this blues style is demonstrated in the song called Revolution Now. The song is about doing what people can to see what is happening to the planet as the air and water become polluted. And of course, AIDS is still a huge health problem worldwide now as it was back in 1993 when this album first came out. However it is one of the weaker songs on the album. The album has a strong start to it with the heavy rock song called First Time.

About the Songs First Time and When the Sinner

The song is about a man that meets a woman that makes him feel excited, in love and ready to pursue a relationship. He knows that he cannot wait forever. He is asking her to open the door to her heart and he thinks that they will have a good time not just that night but through their lives. He knows that they should at least try to give the relationship a chance. But there are so many factors involved to starting such a relationship. Many years ago, Chameleon was an album that I had bought for a very expensive price and it is not worth paying an expensive price for. That is not to say that it is not a good album but it is weaker than Master of the Rings or The Time of the Oath. When the Sinner has some sounds in it that don’t resemble Helloween which is understandable but Michael’s voice is still powerful. Sometimes it takes time to search inside of us and realize that we are all sinners.

Two Electric Guitars

This photo symbolizes one of the main parts of any heavy metal band. For many of us, music can help us escape to another world and feel better for a while.
This photo symbolizes one of the main parts of any heavy metal band. For many of us, music can help us escape to another world and feel better for a while. | Source

The Significance of the Song I Don't Wanna Cry No More

I Don’t Wanna Cry No More is a song dedicated to guitarist Roland Grapow’s late brother Rainer. When a family member departs from this world we know that we won’t see them anymore and that is a very challenging part of life. The song is correct that life is fleeting like a flower. The passion and power in Kiske’s voice is heard in this song. We can only hope and pray for mercy on the soul of our departed family member.

A Photo of a Windmill

The windmill is not only a source of energy but it keeps on spinning around just like time keeps on passing us by.
The windmill is not only a source of energy but it keeps on spinning around just like time keeps on passing us by. | Source

Why is the Song Windmill a Special Song?

Windmill is one of the defining moments of this band. The ballad has feeling and passion and it is a song about the fact that time makes us feel and move. The song is a call for this windmill to guide us through life and give us a chance to find love and freedom. We do not need to be depressed for there will eventually be a time when someone will come and save us from our dark thoughts. If you purchase this album just for this one song, you will have done a good thing and supported one of Germany’s best bands.

Having said that, there are other songs that are worthy of mention such as In the Night, Music, and I Believe. After the piano part in Windmill, the guitar’s beauty only enhances this song and puts it in a category of better than elite. Michael Kiske’s voice really helps it out as well.

The Special Song Called "Windmill"

The Song Giants Sounds Like a Typical Song from Helloween

Giants is a heavy song with tapping blues style leads that sounds more like the power metal that we have heard from this band. The song is a description about people that feel strong and invincible. They are able to use this strength to enslave other people. These people that have been enslaved must now hope and pray that they will get their freedom. They want to have their dreams about what they plan to do but they wonder what they can do because they feel trapped in their present circumstances.

Final Thoughts About the Album Chameleon

There is a song on this album called Music. It is about the power of music being like a sunrise, allowing some of us to feel like we are traveling back in time. Music is more than just a cultural or art form. For many of us it can be a coping mechanism to put our life issues and problems in perspective. This would be the last album to have Michael Kiske and drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg as members. Ingo would be fired from the band and then he would end his life in 1995 not being able to come to terms with his depression.

The song called Step Out of Hell has a 1980’s symphonic keyboard feel to it. The song is actually about doing what a person can to rid themselves of that problem called drug addiction, something that Ingo could not escape from. Otherwise, it becomes a one way street of addiction and despair for the person that is addicted.

Chameleon would be a sort of stepping stone for further greatness for German band Helloween. The strongest songs in this album are First Time, Giants, Windmill, Music, and I Believe.

The Song Called "Step Out of Hell"

Singer That Replaced Michael Kiske After the Album Chameleon

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"First Time"

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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