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Album Review: "Collapse" by Finnish Melodic Death Metal Band Babylonfall

Updated on September 3, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

A Look at the Band Members of Babylonfall


About the Band Babylonfall and Its Members

Babylonfall is one of the newest bands on the Finnish metal scene, one which I was introduced to in February 2020. That's the date that I estimate that I was introduced to this band. Signed under contract by Inverse Records, this band also has clean harmony vocals to go along with the drumming that we hear. Babylonfall is described as a mix of melodic death metal along with aspects of groove and alternative metal. Their debut album is called Collapse and it was released on April 24, 2020. Here are the personnel that play on this album which is sure to impress any fans of melodic death metal:

  • Okko Solantera: vocals
  • Ossi Viren: guitars
  • Esa Viren: guitars
  • Matti Huopainen: bass guitars
  • Mikko Huopainen: drums

Babylonfall Has a Series of Influences Including Lamb of God and Soilwork

I would dismiss the alternative aspect of this album because there isn't much alternative about it. Or is there? The song We Become One sounds like that Lamb of God influenced song only better. It also has that feel that you are listening to Soilwork though it is premature to compare these guys to a band of that stature. Still, in a country that has so many high quality melodic death metal bands, Babylonfall is one of the best new additions to the vast array of Finnish bands.

First Impressions of the Album Collapse

There are times when the groove factor is REALLY heavy such as in the song called Blood Will Be My Crown. This third song might as well be about how we feel when we are finally free of this mortal human flesh that we inhabit while on this planet. However, this is no Far Beyond Driven style groove, but proper Finnish melodic groove, the type that really matters to anyone that wants to hear real metal music. However, the main highlight at least early on in this album is the song called Murder of Crows when the growl kicks in and then, there is a guttural growl that would impress any death metal singer. The song has a touch of Dark Tranquillity (think of the album Fiction). The beginning riff along with the drumming is what has the potential to bring you back to the song even before you are done listening to this album. Lyrically, the song is extremely dark but the riffing is superb and sometimes that's what really matters. The other main riff sounds a little like In Flames. Just like the song says “no soul is left unstained” this song is left for us to enjoy again and again. Awakening is a song that sees even heavier guttural growls as there is the feeling that our whole world has fallen down and with the recent protests in the United States which we shall not even give attention to can make it feel like things are collapsing. Are some things meant to be scarred? Life isn't all about pain contrary to what is thought by some of us. We need time to heal when we are going through a tough situation. It seems to me that this album is helping me cope with life's most recent challenges and it can feel odd that such a dark and heavy metal album has that power.

"Murder of Crows" Music Video

Collapse Is An Album That May Be Underestimated by Some People

Collapse is an album that should be given credit for being a modern set of melodic death metal songs that are not rehashed to sound like so many other bands. Some may have a problem with this album though. The founder of the website Angry Metal Guy calls the album Collapse weightless when in fact, such a characterization is at the least inaccurate.


Final Thoughts About the Album Collapse

Burning Daylight is a good song that is influenced by Insomnium (another great band in the genre of melodic death metal). Collapse isn't a bland release but a new release that has the potential to brighten the day and year. Babylonfall are not like Children of Bodom with a neoclassical death metal style or like Norther which was basically traditional melodic death, nor are they in the style of early In Flames. But these guys are a very good modern melodic death metal band that experiment with various vocal styles. When it can get tiring listening to certain metal bands and albums, Collapse is an album that sounds good enough even if you listen to a few of the songs more than once which is what I did. The first three songs set the tone for what is a very solid 2020 melodic death metal release.

© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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