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Review of the Album "Danzig 2 Lucifuge" by Danzig

Updated on December 3, 2017

The Musical Style of Danzig 2 Lucifuge

Danzig 2 Lucifuge is the second album of Glenn Danzig’s band Danzig released in 1990. If the first album Danzig was any indication of the man’s musical talent, Danzig 2 is another impressive release with its most well-known lineup. The album has a blues and country influence in it but it also has some standard heavy metal style in it such as in the song called Her Black Wings.

A Photo of the CD for Danzig 2


Danzig 2 The First Three Songs

The first song called Long Way Back from Hell is a song about people that were sold into slavery and misused. The price for taking a life in those days was very stiff and there would be hell to pay for the crime. The catchy riff filled song called Snakes of Christ is a song about what can happen if the teachings of Christ are misused or interpreted in the wrong way. The blues influence is especially present in the song called Killer Wolf which is a song about someone that goes from door to door trying to seduce all the girls that he can.

The Song Blood and Tears

Danzig 2 The Second Half of the Album is Very Strong

The song called I’m the One has a heavy acoustic guitar base to it and it is about someone that was born in poverty and he had no home. He makes love to a girl who tells him that he is the one to bring his power and influence in the world and make it evil. He knows what his destiny and he has to be the one to go after it.

The places that he has lived in are so bad that he does not want people to know where he had lived. He had lived among the wolves.

However, one of my favorite songs in the second half of the album is the song called Devil’s Plaything and it has a noticeable catchy acoustic type of riff before the blues influence kicks in. The song is also about the dangers of playing with fire because if you do this, you will be hurt very badly. There is a chanting part where Glenn Danzig keeps on saying “oh.” It is like a choir style part without actually being a choir. The power ballad called Blood and Tears is an excellent song about a woman that has been crying so much that living life for her is like torture. She may have been deceived or badly hurt, we do not know. She has cried so much that it feels like there is blood in her tears because she is really hurting. The song called Pain in the World is a song about what happens when a human is born and comes into this world. At first they are a baby that cries and they experience both pain and pleasure. As a result of the sin that Adam and Eve committed in the Garden of Eden, their punishment was that they had to die and their bodies had to go back to dust. When Glenn Danzig sings, the accompanying bass guitar really fits in well with the song. Guitarist John Christ also adds a very good blues solo to finish off an otherwise strong album from Glenn Danzig and his bandmates. The strongest songs in Danzig 2 are I’m the One, Her Black Wings, Devil’s Plaything, Blood and Tears, and Pain in the World.

The Song Called I'm the One

Favorite song in the album Danzig 2 Lucifuge

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Her Black Wings

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