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Review of the Album "Dark Moor" by Spanish Power Metal Band Dark Moor

Updated on March 24, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

The Album Cover for the Album Dark Moor


An Introduction to the Album Called "Dark Moor"

“Dark Moor” is the 4th studio album by Spanish power metal band Dark Moor and it is the first album to not have Elisa Martin on vocals. Fans that have been accustomed to hearing Elisa’s voice on these Dark Moor albums may find it hard to adjust to her absence. Taking her place on vocals is Alfred Romero. Most of the original lineup is absent for this release. Gone are guitarist Albert Maroto and drummer Jorge Saez as well. The album is a sort of concept album with several of the songs being based on a novel or a historical figure. Songs 7 through 11 are based on accounts of the life of Attila the Hun but we will get to those songs shortly.

No Vocalist Can Replace Elisa Martin Though

Let’s get this cleared up: Alfred Romero will never replace Elisa Martin because Martin in a way was Dark Moor. She was a big part of the band’s identity and Dark Moor started their career with a good female vocalist who was the right fit for this Spanish power metal band. However, Elisa would depart and even if Romero was a decent replacement for her, as the band’s career progressed, his weaknesses would show

"A Life for Revenge"

How Solid is "Dark Moor" After the Song A Life for Revenge?

The first song called A Life for Revenge is the one that caused me to start listening to this album slowly as I began to really try and take it in because how could this band rebound after the departure of Elisa? The band did not get any weaker without her and they were able to start off on the right foot for sure! That is until their 2009 studio album called Autumnal. The song is about someone that dies but then he revives himself or gets revived while trying to live life to get revenge on others. He thinks that this revenge will bring justice. After this solid song, some might wonder if this album was destined to be just as good as their previous two albums. The answer is that this album is not nearly as good as the last two releases but it is respectable and has just enough good music to keep you listening to it. It is hard to replace such a talented singer like Elisa and fill her shoes. Alfred Romero will never be Elisa Martin but he is a good enough replacement for her.

"Dark Moor" Songs 2 Through 6 Including Eternity

Eternity is a solid power metal song that is classically influenced and it describes what we go through in life. Life consists of both celebration during great moments and tears during the sadder moments of life. Philip, the Second is a song about Philip the King of Spain who ruled from 1556 through 1598. However the next song called From Hell lyrically is a totally different song because this on is about what happens when money is used to fulfill the most evil of purposes. Money is good to have when it is used for the good of mankind instead of using it for evil purposes. Cyrano of Bergerac starts with a choir part for the first verse describing who Cyrano was as a person. He is described as a noble person. One good thing about Dark Moor (at least in this album) is that they have gone away from the fantasy type lyrics and instead they have chosen to write songs about important historical figures so that fans can listen to the songs and gain some perspective about what happened in ancient times. The more we understand and interpret history, the more that we will learn from it.

"The Ghost Sword"

"Dark Moor" Songs 7 Through 11 and Final Thoughts About the Album

We have the first part of the Attila song series which is an instrumental song called Overture. It is classically influenced and would be good as part of a soundtrack for a video game. Wind Like Stroke is the second part of this series and it tells the story or account of how the Huns rode on horses spreading their style of war and death along the way. What has not gone by the wayside are the power metal style long passages and interludes as those are still there in this album. The production is also better than the albums of Rhapsody of Fire. Return for Love is a song about Attila goes to Rome to find his lover. He promises her that he will return home as an emperor and tell her about his tales of courage and bravery. After a short song called Amore Venio, The Ghost Sword is the last song about Attila the Hun. The legend says that whoever has possession of the ghost sword will bring an end to the empire. The song kind of sounds like a late 1990’s Yngwie Malmsteen kind of song because of the emphasis on the melodic interludes. What comes next is my favorite song of the album called The Dark Moor. The song starts in a way that is classical in nature and it tells the story of a traveler that is looking for a way to discover the hall, or the Dark Moor. Overall, “Dark Moor” is a decent power metal album from Spain’s most well-known power metal band. The best songs in this album are A Life for Revenge, Eternity, The Ghost Sword, and The Dark Moor.

"The Dark Moor"

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