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Review of the Album "Diary of a Madman" by British Vocalist Ozzy Osbourne

Updated on October 22, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


This is an Album About Sticking to Your Goals and Dreams and Going After Them

Diary of a Madman is the 1981 studio album by John “Ozzy” Osbourne and it is one of my favorite albums from this man. It is also the last studio release to feature Randy Rhoads who would die in an airplane crash in 1982. Immediately, the Judas Priest influenced rock song called "Over the Mountain" is a song about someone that wants to explore his dreams by flying as high as he can because he always wanted to get away and explore his life. Life coaches always tell us that when we dream, we should dream big. "Flying High Again" is a rock and blues song about someone that wants to explore the world but he knows that his mother won’t be happy because he has done something bad. Our parents sometimes don’t realize the situations and circumstances that we go through in life even if they mean well.


You Can't Kill Rock and Roll Might Be About Rock Stars But There is Also a Hidden Message in the Song

"You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll" is a song that tries to bring across the message that no matter how many lies people try to tell us, they cannot destroy our dreams and ambition. Sometimes we have to be left alone and just do what feels right for us. For some people, being a rock star is like a religion. Sometimes my mother wonders why I want to keep on writing articles. Even writers write for a variety of reasons, money not being the only reason for the writing. If you love doing something so much, you should do it even if your family disagrees with you.

The Song Believer and the Message in It

The strongest song in Diary of a Madman is the bass guitar filled song called "Believer." The best line in the song says that you have to believe in yourself or no one will believe in you. Failed dreams may not have mattered. A lost job for instance can turn out to be a blessing. Mountains can be move through miracles. The human mind is so powerful yet many people choose to react to their current circumstances and they think that they can’t change their future. Doubts will at times arise in our minds but it is up to us to recognize these doubts and change our thoughts which I have been doing recently.

The Symbolism of the Song Tonight

Speaking of changing the future, the song called "Tonight" is a song about a person that is back out on the streets again and he is trying to get back on his feet. He wonders whether tonight is the night that he will start to improve his life and get back on his feet. Or is it just a dream?

"Flying High Again"

Final Thoughts About the Album "Diary of a Madman"

When we get to the song called "S.A.T.O." the song is about a person that has finally found peace of mind! He is ready to sail on his journey and the ship is waiting for him on the shore. Have I found my peace of mind yet? Not totally but I may be close to that. However, the album is also a way for Osbourne to lyrically express thoughts about what a person goes through when they have manic depression. Sometimes our mind gets sickened because we are told lies about the way that we feel. This is another way to describe the egoist mind. The clinically depressed person does not want to get out of bed and the week Monday through Sunday is like a drag for them to get through. Diary of a Madman is a really solid album from start to finish and if you only had to hear one song from this album, I would recommend the song Believer.

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