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Review of the Album "Digimortal" by United States Band Fear Factory

Updated on January 3, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


The Album Digimortal is Said to Be More Melodic

Fear Factory, the band that started their career being influenced by extreme death metal bands such as Napalm Death were undergoing a sort of transition musically by 2001. The goal for the band was to simplify their music and become more melodic. Did they become more melodic compared to their 1995 album Denmanufacture? To a certain extent, this is the case. In the album Demanufacture, even though there were the clean vocals by Burton C. Bell, a lot of times there was a lot of harsh shouting. One example of this transition is their 4th studio album called Digimortal.

Digimortal is a Concept Album That Shows the Link Between Man and Machine

The concept behind the album Digimortal is the link between man and machine so in a sense, it is technology based. These machines and men must work together if they want to survive. Man can change their eternity through the use of technology. What will man become in a hundred or two hundred years? Time will tell what happens in this evolution. However, as the song "Digimortal" tries to point out, if the machine becomes harmful to man, that is one step closer to demise for humans. If we want to have technology become a benefit for us we have to work closely to create tools that will help us advance in life. An example of such an invention is the airplane which allows humans to get to their destinations much quicker. A journey that in the old days would take 2 to 3 months by boat will take only several hours by air travel. Even so, air travel is not without accidents but the point is that technology should not be harmful to humans but be made in a way so that it is beneficial to the world.

What is One of the Best Songs in Digimortal and Why Is It Significant?

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to listen to entire heavy metal albums particularly an album that is as heavy as this one. Fear Factory has been one of the bright spots in terms of the heavy metal genre for the bands that were not formed in the 1980’s. The signature song (at least one of them is the song called Back the F Up which has rap style vocals. The interpretation for this song can be that we must do what we can to fight back against hatred and ignorance. Unfortunately even in the United States, those that want to hate others will go through whatever lengths they can to make life harder for others. We cannot wait until we find out the answer to these issues and instead we must fight back against injustices.

Digimortal the Rest of the Songs

The song called "Linchpin" tries to say that man cannot ever be taken apart and that man and machine are indispensable to each other. In spite of the harmonic vocals, there is a very heavy emphasis on speed and heaviness. "No One" is another heavy song that emphasizes that if we are strong enough in life, no one will be able to kill off our hopes and dreams. When we get to the song called "Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)" the speed dramatically slows down and what follows is a lighter Gothic rock kind of song for the majority of the time. The song is about having dreams in which we see ourselves flying trying to touch the sun. We cannot touch the sun because it burns our eyes. The song also is a song about the limitations of our mortal human bodies but we can have astral projection where we see our bodies floating, sometimes floating in darkness. The slower and heavier song called Acres of Skin is one of the weaker songs in this album and this song is about what happens when we are in these physical bodies of ours. Death is seen as an escape from this suffering that we bring upon ourselves and pain is only seen as a weakness. "Byte Block" is about feeling like we are just a piece of flesh as the machine is said to enslave humans. One example of this through history is when the slaves in the American South before the Civil War used the cotton gin to create cotton fields which resulted in huge profits for the slave owners.


Is Song #8 the Best Song In the Album Digimortal?

Update: after listening to Fear Factory’s Obsolete, I have decided to expand upon the album Digimortal largely because of the song called "Back the F*** Up." While I don’t agree with the choice of the title for the song, the song is described by one person as the “metal equivalent of Cypress Hill.” We should find a way to be enthusiastic when life doesn’t work out in some instances right? The song is very much a song that is preaching the message that ignorance and hatred of the people of other groups leads to more inner city turmoil. So the message in this song is emphatically that hatred and ignorance is not tolerated. This one song alone makes Digimotal worth listening to even though it is one of those older Fear Factory albums. We must not let time pass before we figure out what is causing so much hatred and ignorance in our inner cities.

"What Will Become?"

How Good of an Album is Digimortal?

Overall, Digimortal is a different album in the sense that the riffs are slower, there is more of a slushy, dirty feel to the riffs and the focus is more like ballads in certain parts. Even so, this album is not a total flop by Fear Factory and still does a respectable job. Even the song called What Will Become has a sort of heavy sound that sounds like Milan Italy’s Lacuna Coil during the Karmacode era however, Karmacode would not be released until 2006 so Fear Factory influenced that band most likely. There is also a sort of alternative atmospheric sound in this song which is a decent start to the album. What will become of the human race in future generations? Time will tell how humans evolve. The song called "Damaged" is a song that is about how it feels to live in a world dominated by deception.

"Digimortal" is a decent album from Fear Factory and as the album ends, the song Hurt Conveyor is a song about coming to terms with the fact that some of us are dishonest and we become lost in our own flaws. It is up to us to change for the better. However, there are two weak songs and these are the mentioned Acres of Skin and the last song called Memory Imprints Never End. The song starts out in a slow kind of way to resemble Sweden’s Hypocrisy and there are some electronic sounds. This album is the weakest one in Fear Factory’s early career but it is still a very good industrial metal album that is melodic in some aspects.

"Hurt Conveyor"

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