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Review of the Album "Draconian Times" by British Gothic Metal Band Paradise Lost

Updated on December 17, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

The Album Draconian Times Begins With the Song Enchantment

Draconian Times is the 5th studio album by the UK’s veteran Gothic metal band Paradise Lost and once again, lyrically, the band explores the struggle of man as we go through various emotions and feelings. The album begins with the piano driven and Gothic song called "Enchantment." In life, you are not the only person that cries sometimes. We all feel guilt at certain times in our lives. There is a sort of atmospheric feel that reminds me of Italy’s Lacuna Coil, a band that I would get into starting in 1999. Note: all I need is a simple reminder that life will not always be smooth sailing. Don’t we wish that life would always be full of joy? As great as that sounds to all of us, that’s not how life works out unfortunately.

Draconian Times...the Songs Part 1

"Hallowed Land" once again has a keyboard part that Amorphis would later use in their career. The Last Time is a good mid-tempo song about the end of a relationship. Forever Failure is a song that features some loud, passionate singing by Nick Holmes as the song is about someone that is frustrated because their mind has gone into being in temptation mode as the person has a lack of faith. The song ends with the quote of someone saying “I don’t really know what sorry means.” Is the person described in the song okay with failure? Failure at something does not mean that a person is always a failure. Do you feel that you lack a purpose in life? If so, you are not alone in this regard. It can feel like we are heading nowhere in life but if we really think about it every one of us has a purpose in this life.

"Forever Failure"

Analysis of the Songs Shadowkings & Elusive Cure

"Shadowkings" is a song that describes that humans really don’t know who they really are as these voices dominate that inner chatter in their minds and they expect these voices to set them free and show who they really are but our mind can sometimes be our biggest deceiver. "Elusive Cure" is a song that illustrates that some people sacrifice their morality for greed and that does not work out well in the end. Paradise Lost by this point in their career has really refined their guitar sound and that helps energize and excite their fan base.

Draconian Times...the Rest of the Album Review

"Yearn for Change" is a song that describes the kind of life that some people lead as pain seems to be the only thing that they go through. They pray for change hoping that their circumstances will get better. "Shades of God" is a song is a song that describes man’s search for faith. In our search for faith, sometimes we are led astray by certain forces. "Hands of Reason" describes a situation where some people indulge in things that they think are treasures but their insane thoughts cause them to fall into feeling like they lack what they are after. There is still a tomorrow as long as we are alive and in reality our thoughts can be changed by us and we have the ability to choose our thoughts. It is through sustained thought that I chose to write another Paradise Lost album review. In closing, some say that Draconian Times is Paradise Lost’s finest work and this claim is certainly a legitimate claim. This is a band that started as a very heavy death and doom metal band with Nick Holmes using mostly harsh growls and Paradise lost has matured into an excellent Gothic Rock band that is still strong today.

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© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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