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Review of the Album "Enter" by Dutch Symphonic Heavy Metal Band Within Temptation

Updated on April 30, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

The back of the album cover shows about three roses. Roses have always symbolized the emotion of love.
The back of the album cover shows about three roses. Roses have always symbolized the emotion of love. | Source

This Debut Album "Enter" Has Powerful Vocals Which is a Major Asset

Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic heavy metal band which was formed back in 1996. "Enter" is this band’s debut album and it is the only one that I have heard so far. The Netherlands might not get enough credit for its rock and heavy metal bands but it should. Within Temptation has very soothing, yet powerful vocals by the beautiful Sharon Den Adel. She sounds somewhat like Anneke Van Giersbergen who is also really beautiful as well. Reviewing this album is worth it not just for the musical quality but for the fact that this writer has always enjoyed heavy metal bands with female vocals. Joining Robert Westerholt and Sharon Den Adel is Robert’s brother Martijn Westerholt who plays the keyboards.

The Song Blooded is one of the Defining Moments in the Career of Within Temptation

Enter was released in 1997 at a time when Gothic rock was still somewhat new because of the emergence of bands such as Lacuna Coil and The Gathering. Pretty much all of the Dutch rock and heavy metal bands that I have heard are at least good. However, the strongest song on the album is the heavy and symphonic song called Blooded. Even though it is repetitive it has one of the best symphonic riffs that you will ever hear. The main riff is heavy, crunchy yet fantastic as well.

The Song Restless Starts What is a Beautiful Symphonic Album

The first song Restless starts with some beautiful piano playing which is a factor in symphonic heavy metal bands. The song is about a woman that embraces life with a smile and opens the door to her new life. Or is it really new for her? She is troubled by her past as she shivers, sending chills through her heart. Sharon then starts to use chanting style vocals.

The Song Called "Blooded"

A Photo of the Band Within Temptation

Robert Westerholt (guitars) is at the far left. His brother Martijn is next to him. And Sharon Den Adel is pictured third from the left.
Robert Westerholt (guitars) is at the far left. His brother Martijn is next to him. And Sharon Den Adel is pictured third from the left. | Source

Guitarist Robert Westerholt's Contribution

Sharon’s now husband Robert Westerholt lends his vocal talents in the song called Enter. The song sounds like a slow, groovy doom and death metal song similar to Tristania. The song is about a series of time gates having been opened. The person that enters them feels a sense of enchantment. What lies beyond these gates of time? Someone wants to flee what is referred to as the ivory tower.

About the Song Pearls of Light

Pearls of Light is a song that discusses what happens when birds emerge from the cold and darkness of the land in order to bring together people of light or maybe angels so that the land’s green forests and trees could be restored and that the sunlight could come back again. The lyrics describe what typically happens in a role playing kind of video game back in the middle of the 1990’s. Sharon continues her opera style vocals as the slow guitar riffs do their work.

The Song Called "Restless"

Sharon Den Adel


Enter: Songs 4 Through 8 and Conclusion

Then comes the song called Deep Within which sounds like a crunchier guitar filled doom metal song with death metal vocals. The song is about trying to find out what is going on deep within your soul. Some of us hide things that we should not hide and we have to bring them out to the surface. Gatekeeper has some excellent keyboard play that would be appreciated by classical composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach if he were alive today. Candles is a song about trying to do what we can to remove the darkness that sometimes reaches for the depths of our souls. After so many dark days and so many long winters, it seems like the darkness cannot go away. But after a period of darkness (night) there is the day that comes. The song Grace is a song about someone that has fallen from grace, feels lost and confused and she needs help to get back on track in her life. Sharon does an excellent job on her vocal range when she utters “fallen from grace.” You can just hear the immense power and range of this person’s vocals. Enter is by no means a perfect album but it has all the essential elements that are needed to have a solid Gothic/symphonic metal album.

The Song Called "Grace"

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