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Review of the Album Feed the Extermination by German Thrash Metal Band Vendetta

Updated on August 5, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


How Did Thrash Metal Band Vendetta Get This Far?

Veteran German thrash metal band Vendetta really increased my interest with their awesome 2007 studio album called Hate. Their 2011 studio album called Feed the Extermination is the next step in their journey after they had been disbanded for 12 years. You would think that after a band has been inactive for 12 years that they would stay retired. But not these guys! They really made a name for themselves with songs such as Hannibal and Lying Society. Let’s try something different with this album review: if you really enjoyed this band’s previous album, you have won! You are a winner because you have had the hearing ability to witness an awesome thrash metal album.

Why the Album Feed the Extermination is Not as Good as Their Previous Album Hate

However the album Feed the Extermination is not as awesome as their previous album. The album suffers from two major cons: lyrics about anger and hate and the fact that the thrash metal found on here is for the most part of a generic nature. However, I have seen with German metal bands that even if they get off to a slow start, they find a way to creatively redeem themselves and Vendetta is no exception.


Feed the Extermination: the First Five Songs

The album begins with the title track Feed the Extermination. The beginning of the song is slow, yet different and melodic. This is a song about the rage and pain of a man whose mission is to go on kill at all costs. Unfortunately, since the time that man walked the Earth, killing and greed has become very common. The opening track lyrically is similar to Helstar’s song called Anger in 2010. Tremendous Brutality is a song about a man that knows that he has been a bully since he was a teenager. He seems to feel no pain. However, the song is at best average as the constant repetition of the lines “I don’t care, look at me, I am tremendous brutality” dominates this song. Cancer is the name of the next song and this one is about what to do when cancer has affected your mind and body. Fight against the cancer, look at yourself in the mirror, and pray to GOD. Unfortunately, cancer is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Storage of Anger is a song that helps Vendetta redeem themselves with a passable sounding song but again the song is about the same themes that tend to dominate this album. If they were trying to be like the band Helstar, they have not succeeded in this effort. Ovulation B**** is a song that is trying to point out that men should be proud of their sexuality because women can take advantage of them. The song goes a bit overboard with the description of women because not every woman takes advantage of a man. The song’s message is very emphatic and the riffing is chunky and heavy.

Review of the Songs Dog in the Manger and Abuse

The second half of this album begins with the song Dog in the Manger, a song about someone that makes a living by lying and deception. He is jealous of success of any kind. The song called Abuse is a sort of power ballad about a very common crime: child abuse. We have to keep our kids close to us and take good care of them at all costs. The song is also trying to point out that the judges are sometimes afraid of the offender.

"Trust in GOD"

About the Song Trust In GOD

Trust in GOD is a song that criticizes the fact that every Sunday people go to church to put themselves in touch with GOD. The song questions whether GOD was ever down on Earth or not. Do you trust in GOD? Do you believe? I know that I do trust HIM to do what is right for all of us. The album ends with the song Till I’m Dead. The song is a rebellion against the established social norms about what we should do with our lives. We must live our lives to the fullest until the very end.

"Dog in the Manger"

Final thoughts about the album Feed the Extermination

Overall, the album Feed the Extermination has its decent and solid moments. Is it worse than the band’s debut? Probably not. But then again, how we feel about a particular heavy metal album can change over time. The song called Tremendous Brutality almost has the same title as Kreator’s song Impossible Brutality but the difference is that one word is different.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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