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Review of the Album Heal by American Thrash Metal Band Sacred Reich

Updated on August 17, 2018
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Sacred Reich's 1996 Album Heal is More than Just Standard Thrash Metal

American thrash metal band Sacred Reich is known for its politically conscious lyrics. Their 1996 studio album called Heal is officially their last full length album and since then, they have not released any new material. Heal is one of those albums where the band attempts to try to spread a healing kind of message. What can be inferred by this? Let’s do a song by song review this time. But before I go any further with this review, let me say that the classic older American heavy metal bands are the best. Do you need a recap of a few of these best ones? Metallica, Testament, and Megadeth (early Megadeth), Sacred Reich just to name a few.

Photo of the Back of the Album Cover for Heal

The First Song on the Album Heal Called Blue Suit, Brown Shirt is an Eye Opener

1. From the first song called Blue Suit, Brown Shirt, the band is trying to say no to racism. For those people that are racist towards others, they preach an ideology of exclusion, violence, and hate to the highest degree. We cannot forget what has been done in the past. Certainly in the United States there has been a very long history of racism particularly in the 2010’s.

Continued from the First Song Blue Suit, Brown Shirt

  • This is not meant to be a focus on politics but unless the US recognizes that we still have poor race relations and takes steps to reduce these problems, the problem of racism will rear its ugly head.
  • The next song called Heal is a song that talks about what happened to end a relationship in which one person led the other on. Even though at first, the person that was hurt has a hard time forgiving and forgetting, some time passes by and then he realizes those things are in the past and they should be left in the past.

About the Song Break Through

  • Break Through is a song that tries to address the idea that we should not be a victim to life’s circumstances. We must believe in ourselves and bring ourselves back up from the depths of feeling low. Self-confidence is one of the most important keys to success in this life.

About the Songs Low, Don't and Jason's Idea

  • Low is a song that describes a person that is feeling so low yet he knows where these feelings are coming from. He is a prisoner to his thoughts and his own mind as self-doubt continues to creep into the depths of his mind. He will not give up and he knows that he has to pick himself up and turn his life around. It can be VERY hard not to feel so low when the world is full of violence, social disorder, and chaos. Today’s world is not the same as the one that our parents grew up in.
  • The song called Don’t is a sort of rebellious song that lyrically discusses opposing how society judges us by the clothes that we wear, by the social circle that we associate ourselves with and other things. We have to stand up to this kind of behavior.
  • Jason’s Idea is a 40 second track of random conversation and should not have been on the CD.

Note: I had to add bullets instead of numbers because of the challenges with the formatting.

The Songs Ask Ed, Who Do You Want to be, Seen Through My Eyes, and I Don't Care

  • The blues style song called Ask Ed is a song about someone that remembers his childhood and during his school days. In spite of opposition he wants to be and act cool, watch the TV or the Tube as it is sometimes called and to have a little snack. Looking at the bigger picture, the song is actually a sort of rebellion against the established social order. The legalization of marijuana is one of the most controversial issues of our time but back in 1996, this album brought to light many of the same social problems that are still plaguing the US today.
  • This song Who Do You Want to Be is a cover of the Oingo Boingo song but Sacred Reich does a nice metal version of it.
  • Seen Through My Eyes is a song that basically addresses the idea that there is no such the thing as the absolute truth and in this search for the truth we will end up being disappointed lots of times but the adversity and strength to get up and keep on going is an admirable quality. What one person considers the truth may be considered a lie by someone else.
  • The song called I Don’t Care is a philosophical way of analyzing life as one man’s curse could be another man’s blessing. When the walls seem to be closing in on a person, another person may choose to see the joys of life.

"Blue Suit, Brown Shirt"

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"The Power of the Written Word"

The Power of the Written Word is a Solid Way to End Sacred Reich's Last Album

  • The fast and heavy song The Power of the Written Word is a song telling us to not believe the news media because often times, they may exaggerate or misrepresent the truth. This of course depends on the news source we are referring to. A similarity to how this album ends is how the album Carnival Diablos by Annihilator ends. Both bands use speed very effectively to end albums but there is no question that the song Hunter Killer is a much better song than this one. Even though that is the case, Sacred Reich showed that they could still write fast songs that made the album click.

Favorite Song on the Album Heal

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"Break Through"

Final Thoughts About the Album Heal

The album Heal incorporates more of a blues style approach in addition to the thrash metal heard on this album. The song Break Through is inspirational because it reminds me of the principle of the Law of Attraction. Anything we can see in our minds can be possible. We have to make sure to not allow ourselves to sink and make the goal become a reality. Thanks to Sacred Reich for providing the world with 15 solid years of thrash metal for the world!

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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