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Review of the Album "Hellfire Club" by German Power Metal Band Edguy

Updated on December 21, 2017

Motivation for the Review of This Album

The album Hellfire Club is the 6th studio album by German power metal band Edguy. My first real LIVE concert experience seeing this band was on August 19th 2004 at the Key Club in Los Angeles. That night, I could clearly hear the passion of Tobias Sammet’s voice as he encouraged the fans in Los Angeles to scream as they finished playing the final song of the night’s set which was more than likely the song called Wake Up the King though I have no full recollection of what the last song they played that night was. Even though the sound quality of the Key Club is sub-standard, Tobias did well that night. We might as well continue to write about the musical evolution of Fulda, Germany's Edguy.

The Album Cover for Hellfire Club


Is This Album Better Than Mandrake?

Fans might be wondering whether this album is better than 2001's Mandrake. While initially the assessment was that Mandrake may have been the best early Edguy album, this one is different, having more of hard or mid-tempo rock feel. Is it better than Mandrake? Tough to say. This is how this writer feels after a first full listen of the album but time will tell.

The Vocals of Tobias Sammet Cannot be Emphasized Enough

Fast forward to 2017 when you are reading a review of an album that is almost 14 years old but still valuable. The song called The Piper Never Dies continues the practice of having 10+ minute songs. This one is decent and it does not drag on for what seems like ages. Tobias again shows his impressive vocal range as he says “the piper never dies.” He holds that last phrase for several seconds without straining his voce. If Bruce Dickinson dominated the decade of the 1980’s with his powerful voice, then Tobias Sammet shows that he is one of the best heavy metal vocalists of the 2000’s.

How is This Album Different Than Edguy's Previous Works?

This album is different from their previous works in the sense that it sounds less like power metal and more like a traditional British heavy metal band would have sounded in the 1980’s.

Mysteria is a Great Way to Open Up the Album

If on the album Mandrake the two best songs were Wash Away the Poison and All the Clowns, on this album one of the best songs is the first one called Mysteria that is so heavy it may as well have been a thrash metal song.

Strongest Songs on the Album Hellfire Club from best

1. Mysteria

2. King of Fools

3. We Don't Need a Hero

4. The Spirit Will Remain

5. Down to the Devil

The Song Called Mysteria

How is the Rest of the Album?

King of Fools is a mid-tempo rock kind of song that has keyboard play in it to start off. Then there is a VERY catchy riff in the middle combined with the strong vocals. Mysteria also has one of the best riffs in the album. King of Fools is a song about the fact that people are not willing to be like a fool whose life is considered to be trite. The song Lavatory Love Machine continues in the hard rock style as this song is about having as much fun as possible while also dealing with turbulence in an airplane on the way there. If Brazil was close by, the flight would take much less time. However the song Rise of the Morning Glory sees the return to the style of the earlier albums. The Spirit Will Remain ends another very good Edguy album and so far it is 6 for 6. I’m using a sports metaphor here but it is rather outstanding that after 6 albums, Edguy has emerged as one of the best German power metal bands in the world.

King of Fools


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