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Review of the Album "IV Empires Collapse" by American Thrash Metal Band Warbringer

Updated on September 9, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

The album's cover can symbolize what happens when a king loses control of his kingdom. Throughout history, all empires have collapsed at some point in time.
The album's cover can symbolize what happens when a king loses control of his kingdom. Throughout history, all empires have collapsed at some point in time. | Source

About Warbringer & Their Album "IV: Empires Collapse"

Warbringer is a thrash metal band from Ventura, California that was formed in 2004 and I had briefly heard their 4th studio album called IV: Empires Collapse. The band has a mishmash of influences including Kreator and Dark Tranquillity.

Con About This Band: the Band's Name

This album was released in 2013 so it is not old in the literal sense. But I have to say that the band’s name is really stupid and it doesn’t promote peace in the world and it isn’t exactly an ideal band name for those that have Christian beliefs to listen to it. Nonetheless, what follows is some very well crafted and written thrash metal that has melody in it.

Some Analysis About the Vocals of John Kevill

Do these guys have more melody than bands such as Testament? That’s tough to say because Warbringer represents a more modern sound than Testament or other 1980’s metal bands would have shown. I sense a big similarity in the vocals to Soilwork’s Bjorn “Speed” Strid.


"IV: Empires Collapse" A Review & Analysis

This 4th studio album from this Ventura, California thrash band gets an interesting start to say the least. The first song "Horizon" and this one has an interesting start. A part of the riffing sounds like the 1st stage of the video game Trojan and there is emphasis on musicality as the end of the song has a very good acoustic section similar to Dark Tranquillty and In Flames. “The Turning if the Gears” has a good bass line and the guitar work picks up as the song is about someone that feels like success slips through their fingers no matter how hard they try. One Dimension is a song about what happens when the mainstream media broadcasts news with the specific intent to scare the population as wars are fought overseas with corporate power increasing. This scenario describes how the United States eventually evolved into this kind of nation has corporate power got stronger and stronger. Speaking of dimensions, our eyes can only see a small part of what goes on in the world because much of what happens in our lives is related to the subconscious mind. In the song "Hunter Seeker," we hear an extremely exotic melodic part as there is another scream. Sometimes we feel like the world is enslaving us and sometimes our worst enemy is our own mind that can trick us into thinking things that may not be true. Scars Remain may as well be a song that many of us might just as well relate to. It seems that our past scars remain in our psyche as time seems to heal nothing. Does time really heal all wounds? The vocals are harsh and aggressive but they are still better than the vocals from another US band, Municipal Waste. "Iron City" is a Metallica influenced thrash tune that lyrically speaks about a scenario where a group of people are going to be coming to town to play some seriously loud heavy metal! If you enjoy heavy metal, please do so responsibly. "Off With Their Heads" is a song about people that have lied to us about our future bringing with these lies a certain kind of pain and or sorrow. Overall, the album IV: Empires Collapse is a solid, melodic thrash metal album from a band that many may not know about yet. The best songs in this album are several including Horizon, The Turning of the Gears, and Hunter Seeker.

"Hunter Seeker"

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© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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