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Review of the Album Impact Is Imminent by American Thrash Metal Band Exodus

Updated on May 10, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


Impact Is Imminent May Be the Weakest Exodus Album

Exodus, the Bay Area thrash metal band that basically established themselves as one of the area’s most influential thrash metal bands with their debut album Bonded by Blood as well as Fabulous Disaster in 1989 entered the 1990s basically being passed over by Metallica and Megadeth. Exodus’ 1990 studio album Impact Is Imminent marks the return of Steve Souza with his raspy vocal style and what we have here is your standard thrash metal sound but it does not have the raw sound that albums such as Kill Em’ All in 1983 had. Through the first listen of this album you just get the sense that it does not have the usual musical flair or excitement that an elite thrash metal album would have.

There is a song on here called A.W.O.L. The song is about a decorated US ambassador that shredded secret documents and got caught. Although he pledged allegiance to the flag, he betrayed his country in violation of the oath that he was supposed to uphold. Lyrically, Exodus isn’t much different than bands such as Sacred Reich. These bands cover a lot of political and social issues and in so doing, they take things beyond just a musical perspective. In 1990, the United States thrash metal scene was still very solid and probably would have grown even more had it not been for the rise of grunge rock. “Within the Walls of Chaos” lyrically is a song that is about the various social problems in the United States such as the rise of illegal drugs and violent crimes in the street. Already, I get the sense that Impact Is Imminent just does not have the same strong musical feel that the band’s 1980s albums did. That is not to say that this album is bad. It is just that it sounds like it could have been better given the strengths of this band. “Objection Overruled” is a song that illustrates a scene or a story of a broken courtroom and or trial as the legal system is in a total mess.

"Impact Is Imminent" Song Only

The Length of Some of the Songs Is Also An Issue

Some of the songs on this album are kind of long and the reason why this is an issue for this particular album is because the songs are not on par with albums such as Bonded by Blood or Pleasures of the Flesh. I don’t know what happened. It is as if Exodus slightly lost a step musically. Listening to this album in 2020, it does not really feel like it has stood the test of time compared to when I first began listening to the songs on this album. The riffs are decent but they just don’t have the power and technicality that we would hear on the album Tempo of the Damned.

Weakest Exodus Album

Is Impact Is Imminent the weakest album in the career of Exodus?

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Final Thoughts About the Album Impact Is Imminent

“Heads They Win (Tails You Lose)” is a song about what can happen to a person that does not pay their debts as their car is repossessed. If they do not pay their rent, they risk eviction and this leads to a cycle of ruin. So far, there are not any songs that I could consider great and what we have here is just decent thrash metal. For fans of Exodus Impact Is Imminent may be the weakest album by this band (at least that’s my perspective). The song we just analyzed is at least trying to say metaphorically that if you roll the dice and get heads then you win but if it lands on the other side then you will lose against the system depending on how the roll of the dice goes. “Changing of the Guard” though is a song that may be the strongest on this album as the unique exotic bass guitar start makes this one a little stronger. The song lyrically is about what happened to Romania’s ex-dictator as he was toppled. At that time, democracy was being demanded as changes were happening in Europe as the Berlin Wall fell. The song is trying to say that after that change, the people of Romania were finally free to speak up but as the song also says, freedom is a contagious thing that can really spread. However, democracy since it means rule by the people, this kind of a system can also lead to the election of a corrupt government as well. “Thrash Under Pressure” is the song that ends what may be the weakest album in the history of Exodus. This song is lyrically a generic song about playing thrash metal, headbanging and not caring about what others may think.

"Changing of the Guard"

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© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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