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Review of the Album "Infinite" by Finnish Power Metal Band Stratovarius

Updated on October 29, 2017

The Song Mother Gaia Should be the Biggest Reason to Listen to This Album

Music is a really beautiful kind of art form if it is expressed creatively. This is the case with the album called Infinite by Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. This album deserves a review at least partially because of the song Mother Gaia. One part of the song expresses that humans should really take a look to see and appreciate all of the beauty that we have in this world. The song asks the most important question of all: what can we do to change the world for the better? This is especially important to ask now in 2017 with the way the world has changed socially, economically, and especially politically. The Light of GOD can come into the lives of those that accept HIM. It is never too late to change the course of our lives. Near the end of the song you can hear the classically influenced part that shows what this band is all about. They combine hard-hitting power metal with classical influences.

A Photo of the Cover of the Album Infinite

The album's cover shows two gold dolphin statues trying to jump through a golden loop. The album can be thought of as expressing the infinite possibilities to improve our lives.
The album's cover shows two gold dolphin statues trying to jump through a golden loop. The album can be thought of as expressing the infinite possibilities to improve our lives.

Hunting High and Low and Millennium are Good Songs as Well

However, the first song called Hunting High and Low is a song about getting to the stage where we can let go of our worries and fly freely on this journey like a bird towards our deepest desires. The next song Millennium is a song about praying indirectly to GOD asking HIM to help us change our ways of living because there is a different and better path to go in life. Where do we go from here? Use the powerful light of the Universe to change yourself and maybe others in the process. This is easy to say, but challenging to do.

Phoenix Can be Thought of as a Life Changing Song

The song called “Phoenix” can be a song that most of us can really take notice of. There are times in our life that we know that we have to change the way that we live because at our current pace, the price is too high to pay. We have to learn how to “play” this game of life. Each day that we are alive is truly a gift that we cannot take for granted. There is a glorious future that lies ahead if we just focus on this beautiful gift called life and take steps to make the correct choices. The song starts to adopt some more crunchy riffs that more closely resemble a very heavy band.

The Song Mother Gaia

The Song Hunting High and Low

Why is the Song Glory to the World Important from a Musical Standpoint?

Glory of the World has more than just melodic singing and keyboards. It is a song that can open up our minds and make us realize when we can realize the true glory of this world. Even if we know that there are still great things in this world, it is very hard for most of us to recognize this because we are so busy trying to make a living in an increasingly competitive 21st century.

About the Song Freedom: a Forgotten Song

The song Freedom is a song that is a good example of a song that discusses someone that has gone through bad times to emerge even stronger and become an even better person because of those bad times. The song’s synth-like nature makes it sound like Swedish rock band Europe. The song even says that when we go through these bad things, when we change our perspective, we become free from the bondage that we otherwise would have gone through had we held onto our old patterns of thinking. The song Infinity addresses the main of flaw of materialism. How much more stuff do we need until we become truly happy? The more that we have in material goods, the more that many of us desire, this creating an endless cycle of wanting more things which will not make us truly happy in the end. You also cannot promote peace by the use of guns as the song says. There are infinite pairs of shoes for us to buy but those shoes will only cover our feet and help us to walk but they do not bring lasting happiness in the end.

The Song Freedom

Year that the Band Stratovarius was Formed

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The Song Called Millennium

Final Thoughts About the Great Album Infinite

Listening to this album in 2017 helps me to realize the power and depth of the song’s messages. THIS is more than just a solid album. It is a way to create a much better world for us to live in. Spread the love and please spread the word about the greatness that we hear on this album called Infinity! There are better ways to live than living just to buy stuff. Infinite is another solid album from this band and the lyrics are among some of the most influential, analytical, and introspective of any band that I have heard. This makes three very solid albums in a row for Stratovarius.

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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