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Review of the Album Inside the Torn Apart by British Death Metal Band Napalm Death

Updated on March 27, 2018
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Ara is a Journalism graduate that loves to listen to heavy metal music! He is also a big fan of classical music as well.

A Photo of the CD Inside Torn Apart


This Album Called Inside the Torn Apart Is a Great Change for One of the UK's Best Extreme Metal Bands

British death metal band Napalm Death has had two vocalists before Mark “Barney” Greenway, adopted a more punk and death metal style, and then settled down into the style of heavy metal that they know how to play best. However, they also went through a period of experimentation and this occurred with their 1997 studio album called Inside the Torn Apart. This album is almost a complete departure from the fast, short grindcore style that they have been famous for since about 1990. This album is of the more standard death metal type of album with a Fear Factory and Testament feel to it.

From the Beginning this Album Can Help Us to Really Put Some Perspective on Life

The opening song called Breed to Breathe is a song that addresses the pains of human existence on Planet Earth. Are we free to breathe without pain? Why is there pain in this life as well as pleasure? Are we hurting while we heal our bodies? These are fundamental questions that we need to ask ourselves sometimes because there are times that our bodies may ache and we may not know the reasons why.

The Songs Birth in Regress, Section and Reflect on Conflict

Birth in Regress has a slight progressive death metal influence that may remind some of you of the Florida based band Cynic. Reflect on Conflict is a song that lyrically is similar to many of the other songs on the album. There are times in life where certain people think that they are secure in their own skin but they show that they are having a false sense of security. Section is a song that discusses what happens when we live in a world of delusion or as iron Maiden says in their 1992 song The Apparition, it is as if we are living in a world of delusion. However, even though the first line of this song refers to spitting out the poison it is not as good of a song as the fast song Taste the Poison.

Nicholas Bullen Vs. Lee Dorrian Vs. Mark "Barney" Greenway

Which one of these Napalm Death vocalists is the best one?

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Down in the Zero and the Title Track

Down in the Zero starts with a bass line that is similar to late 1980’s Testament. Those of you that remember the album Practice What You Preach will know what I’m pointing out here. The song can be thought of as a reference to when someone is in so much pain they will eventually succumb to their pains. There is nothing left for any of us when we succumb to our injuries. As our lives near the end, we know that when we die we will be buried. The title track of this album has a sort of the feel of what the band Prong would write as there is a bit of an industrial metal feel to this song. Sometimes we have to learn how to live through life when we experience deception even though it is far easier to hate others than to love them. Life consists of trials and tribulations.

The Songs If Symptoms Persist and Indispose

If Symptoms Persist is a song about a person that has the uncanny ability to see through others as he loses his ability to have empathy for others. Where have his feelings gone to? He knows that he has to be saved from any self-destructive behaviors. Indispose is a song that once again shows its Fear Factory influence in the riffing. Sometimes our minds can be our biggest deceiver as we can end up feeling that we cannot trust some of the thoughts that dictate us how to live our lives.

"Breed to Breathe"

Napalm Death Returns to Their Main Grindcore Style Briefly Before Trying Something Different With the Last Song

Lowpoint is the song that shows a return for the band Napalm Death to their usual grindcore riffing style that longtime fans of the band would have heard back in 1992. The album ends with the song called The Lifeless Alarm which is something drastically different that this band has done. It has a slowed down, mellow, alternative sounding groove to it as the bass is in the background. The song also sounds like something we would have heard from the awesome Florida death metal band called Death.


Final Thoughts About This Experimental Album

We forgot to talk about a few songs, one of them being the one called Prelude. This song is about a person that is trying to escape from his life because he has unwanted thoughts hanging in the depths of his subconscious mind. The pressure of how he is living is taking a toll on him. Purist Realist is a song that is a more hardcore version of the English band Carcass. Overall the album Inside the Torn Apart is a very solid experimental extreme death metal album from one of the UK’s best bands. Barney even experiments with clean vocals such as in the song Purist Realist where he says “cannot be me.” This is an example of a death metal band that should be listened to from fans worldwide.



© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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