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Review of the Album "Insult to Injury" by New Jersey Thrash Metal Band Whiplash

Updated on September 4, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

What does the album Insult to Injury sound like?

New Jersey thrash metal band Whiplash sure knows how to create thrash metal which is standard yet has enough melody to be worthwhile. Their 1989 studio album called Insult to Injury is another example of such a thrash metal album. Combine vocals like the band Helstar with riffs that are fast and catchy and you have quite an entertaining album. Performing the vocals for this album is Glenn Hansen while Tony Portaro decided to concentrate on just playing the guitar.

"Insult to Injury" Back Cover Photo


How Does the Album "Insult to Injury" Start?

The opening song called Voice of Sanity has that early Iron Maiden sound to it. Just think about the self-titled Iron Maiden and the album called Killers and the sound is similar. The bass can clearly be heard thus strengthening the case for the album being one of the band’s best. Voice of Sanity is a song that actually could be interpreted to be about a child whose time has come to realize that after 20 years she is in a dangerous world where crimes of passion and pleasure are there and should be a concern for humans in certain parts of the world. The guitar riffing in this album gives the clue that this album was made and produced in the 1980’s. Voice of Sanity has a riff that keeps repeating itself but the bass guitar is pretty good!

About the Song "Hiroshima"

The very fast song Hiroshima lyrically tells the story of how the city of Hiroshima was bombed after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Lyrically similar is the title track that is a song about what happens when a soldier falls in battle and the body of his is left behind. The innocent civilians are the ones that suffer most during the time of war.


How Is the Rest of the Album "Insult to Injury?"

Essence of Evil is a song that lyrically is about two men that had gone to war and fought together but now lust and greed has taken over and there has been a complete shift in their personalities. Witness to the Terror continues on the theme of war and the album started with this theme on the song Hiroshima. The song Battle Scars makes reference to what is known as the rat race, the fast paced corporate culture which can really stress out a lot of people because of the office politics and high demands. The wear and tear of war or a stressful job does take its toll on a person for sure. The song called Rape of the Mind is about how a rich man sometimes takes advantage of the people that work for him. He has a smile on his face even when that rich person gets caught for tax evasion. Ticket to Mayhem/4 E.S. is an instrumental song with some weird sounds at first as the song shifts and gets softer for a while before the 1980’s style guitar picking kicks in.

The album ends with the song called Pistolwhipped as the song sets the stage for a story about a prisoner trying to escape from these four dark walls that are closing in on him. Musically, Insult to Injury may be a better effort from Whiplash compared to their first two albums but that’s tough to say.

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© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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