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Review of the Album "Kings of Beer" by German Thrash Metal Band Tankard

Updated on September 4, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Kings of Beer is a Slower Album from These German Guys in Tankard But it is Still a Good Album

At this point it is better to consider German thrash metal band Tankard the kings of thrash metal in Germany instead of what their 2000 album title is. Their 2000 studio album called Kings of Beer is the one that we will analyze next. The album sees a return but not a full return in the literal sense to the band’s fast, heavy thrash metal style that we have seen from this band since their arrival on the heavy metal scene in 1982. Or is it really? Kings of Beer is a mixture of thrash metal, blues, and 1960’s style oldies riffing mixed in and the result is a pretty good album.


The album Kings of Beer shows that even when Tankard are not at their best they can still excel at their style of music.

When you are good as a band, it can be like a good infection in a sort of funny way because even when you are not at your finest moment musically, sometimes you still excel enough and that’s the case with Tankard. Initially my plan or desire was to review B-Day first but the intuition to review this album came after those initial plans. To word this more humorously, Tankard are a group of guys that were "infected" or born with the skill of playing fun, fast, and entertaining thrash. This entertainment would surface in 2002's B-Day with songs such as Rectifier.

Personnel That Play on the Album Kings of Beer and Rating

Andreas "Gerre" Geremia-all lead vocals

Frank Thorwarth- all bass guitars

Andy Gutjahr-guitars

Olaf Zissel-drums

Rating as of this first writing: 80 out of 100 points

Hot Dogs on the Barbecue Grill That Symbolize the Song Hot Dog Inferno


Make Sure to Listen to the Song Called Hot Dog Inferno

Hot Dog Inferno has a sort of punk metal feel to it as here is what I meant when I said that the album wasn’t a full return to thrash metal for Tankard. The song is a humorous attempt at trying to explain how fried, heavy foods can fry our brains and have adverse effects on it. Once again, the point will be emphasized that healthy eating is essential to a long life, however Americans’ obsession with fast food has become part of the culture as rates of heart disease and cancer have skyrocketed. Eating French fries or meat will not be good for your digestive system as the hot dog will leave a person’s body full of fats and toxins. It is just a song that tries to address the effects of an unhealthy diet. At the end of long day at the office, eating a diet high in fat is not conducive to healthier living.

"Hot Dog Inferno"

I'm So Sorry May Be the Weakest Song on This Album

The song called I’m So Sorry with its relentless, harsh shouting may be one of the low marks for the album. The song is about someone that feels that they are worthless and that their life has no meaning. It is not a bad song but it has the tendency to be too generic as a thrash metal song.

This Album is One You can Listen to Before Eating Some Good Food!

And the song called Kings of Beer which is mostly a Metallica influenced slower song has the message that while other bands come to play, Tankard comes to have fun and party! The album is definitely slowed down but it is just in speed as Tankard still continues to shine musically. This album may be one that you might want to listen to before eating some fine food! If you do that, you will have ate your next meal after listening to one of the “kings” of the thrash metal genre, Frankfurt Germany’s Tankard. Incredible Loudness has some oldies style guitar play before the song gets heavier and Andreas Geremia lets out a shout showing you that this band means business when it comes to partying style thrash metal! The first song called “Flirtin’ With Desaster” (that’s how the song title is spelled) is about the effects of a life of heavy drinking and the effect on a person’s bowels. If you don’t feel good, it is time to change your diet.

The Album is Good Entertainment but Also it Has an Important Message

Talk Show Prostitute is a song about someone that appears on TV willing to earn a paycheck for these activities. But sadly, the future of the medium known as TV will be dominated by programs that are explicit and we as viewers must be careful what we view. Regardless, the song is a quite entertaining one.

Final Thoughts About the Album Kings of Beer

Once again, Tankard addresses the flaws of the US justice system by in the song called Land of the Free pointing out that you can be arrested for jay walking, meanwhile people such as O.J. Simpson was able to walk away free because of the access to money and good legal representation. America in this aspect is not the land of the free as it claims to be. The song is one of the weaker ones in the album in spite of the riffing. The best songs in Kings of Beer are Flirting With Disaster (the way that it should be spelled), Dark Exile, Hot Dog Inferno, and Talk Show Prostitute.

"Incredible Loudness"

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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