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Review of the Album Limits of Insanity by Brazilian Thrash Metal Band Attomica

Updated on September 19, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


A Little Bit of Information About the Album "Limits of Insanity"

"Limits of Insanity" is the 1989 studio album by Brazilian thrash metal band Attomica and one quality that is noticeable pretty much from the start is that the songs are better than their self-titled album and the vocals are improved. Providing the vocals of this album is Andre Rod. His vocals are a mixture of Andre Matos influence combining that with James Rivera. Even though his vocals are high pitched they are not going to be as good as Andre Matos.

Limits of Insanity the First Two Songs

The first song called Atomic Death brings awareness to the dangers posed to mankind by the atomic bomb. How long will NATO wait until these problems are addressed? Short Dreams is a song about a person that seems to be experiencing nightmares as he sees himself as an old, worn out and weak man. He has a series of short dreams and wild screams. Can he work himself out of this mess?

He envisions himself as being an old man that won’t last long. This is the same as visualizing a negative outcome in a situation. Dreams are like visions in the sense that they can be short or they can be long. They (these dreams) that we have can also be nightmares or they can be dreams with a proper meaning that can lead us to the right planned goals.


Analysis of the Songs Evil Scars and Rabies

Then comes the song Evil Scars which in terms of the riffing has a little resemblance to Metallica’s Eye of the Beholder and there is some Mercyful Fate influence in there as well. Rabies is a very fast song about a pack of wild dogs running through the night and creating fear among the local population.

"Short Dreams"

How Is the Rest of the Album Limits of Insanity?

There is a title track on this album and it is lyrically about a very wild beast that has the wings of a bat and the tail of a lizard. The song is lyrically similar to the song Nightcrawler which would come out in 1990. Knight Riders is a song about the tales that were told of brave knights that went out to fight in the desert lands to preserve their honor and bravery and to make their king proud. The riffing for a part of this song sounds like early Megadeth however the vocals are not muffled like those of Dave Mustaine were in the 1980’s. Highway 401 is a song about a fast driver that is on the loose and the result seems to be like some sort of game that never ends. The dangers of fast and reckless driving are many so safe driving habits should always be the goal. The album ends with the short instrumental song called WxDx and it is a mixture of a fast, heavy guitar part followed by an acoustic part as well. "Limits of Insanity" is an improvement from the band’s debut album but the hard to understand high-pitched vocals combined with the raw riffing does not make it an elite album but it is still pretty good.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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