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Review of the Album Mean Tales by the Mexican Thrash Metal Band Blast Fury

Updated on May 2, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


The Album Mean Tales and Its Musical Style

Mean Tales is the debut album by Mexican thrash metal band Blast Fury and these guys are from Mexico City. I know that Mexico is not a country that most of us would associate with thrash metal and Mexico is a country that may have the potential to grow and expand its metal scene or not. The music on here and especially the vocals are harsh enough that they remind me of how the late Chuck Schuldiner would sing on the first two albums of the band Death. The riffing is certainly very intense as there are sections where you will hear guttural vocal growls as well. The lead guitars are exotic to a point which is a plus for any thrash metal band trying to compete with the dozens of thrash metal bands in the world.

Mexico is a country that might as well get more recognition but since thrash metal in Mexico may not be that famous, this is going to take time. Along with the other two Mexican thrash metal bands I've covered which are Tulkas and Hellrot, Blast Fury is also a very good new thrash metal band which is a start but it will take a while in this new era of thrash metal for Mexico to gain ground. They have to compete against other nations such as Canada and the United States and it is very challenging. With one exception though that Hellrot is a one-man band which is not as good as these two bands but Blast Fury is decent even for a Mexican band.

"Barren Brains"

A Brief Review of the Album Mean Tales

This album starts with the song Barren Brains and this song lyrically describes a situation in which the profits are earned by some people for purposes which are designed to bring harm to society. The song also tries to bring the message that the narrative is that if you work hard you will be successful. But as history has shown, those that work hard in a capitalist system will not necessarily be successful. This song has a proper message in it that should be helpful for young people graduating from college. It is not about hard work that makes someone a success. It is about knowing the right people and having the right mindset but that's a different topic for a different day. The music on this album can be thought of as a mix of death and thrash metal that has a furious, aggressive pace to it. “A Motivating Environment” is a song that lyrically describes a workplace that is really toxic as it discriminates against people in minority populations while giving white people certain advantages. “Haternet” is song that lyrically is about the advantages of the internet while it criticizes the traditional way of getting an education. The Internet and or World Wide Web can also become an addiction as some people may be attracted to things which are not good for their minds. Snap is a song that lyrically tells the story of children growing up in their generation having to face much hardship. Even through this hardship if the person does not quit there is no telling what he might achieve. “Live It” is a song that is fast with a phenomenal bass line that is clearly audible especially in the beginning. This is thrash metal that clearly works. It is not perfect thrash metal but it is modern thrash and death metal that is built on the foundation of aggressiveness that even Sabina Classen would be proud of. F.G.H. is a thrash metal song that has lyrics that are typical of the genre pretty much. The guttural vocals continue in this song and could be an annoyance to some people. Out of Ideas is the short instrumental song that ends this album and it is pleasant musical treat to our ears after all those heavy and hard-hitting songs. Overall, Mean Tales is a solid thrash metal album from this Mexico City band and if they continue on this path the future should be very promising.

© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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