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Review of the Album "Meltdown" (1991) By Heavy Metal Guitarist Vinnie Moore

Updated on July 9, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Vinnie Moore Is One of the Best Instrumental Music Guitarists In the World

American born guitarist Vinnie Moore has excited, inspired, and encouraged me to listen to instrumental rock and heavy metal for about almost 20 years. His 1991 album Meltdown is another excellent follow-up to his 1988 album Time Odyssey. This CD was given to me by my brother many years ago when we bought it used in a CD store that is no longer in business. Vinnie Moore should be on the top of elite American rock and metal guitarists along with Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. If there is one area of rock and heavy metal where the United States excelled in during the 1980’s and 1990’s it would be in the genre of instrumental rock and metal albums.

Vinnie Moore On Stage In Madrid Spain (2011)


Motivation to Write a Review for This Outstanding Album

The motivation to review this album was mainly to discover great aspects about the United States and not just through the power of music though Vinnie Moore’s music should help us to sleep better right? Meltdown is one of those albums that can be considered a forgotten album and if the first song that you noticed was the song Last Chance or Meltdown then you are in for a memorable musical ride or journey. Note: if you need a good coping mechanism to cope with the uncertainty of life in 2019 America, then listen to this album.

Interesting Discovery About The Album Meltdown

By a remarkable coincidence, there is a song on this album called Check It Out! The Swedish hard rock band Meldrum was more than likely influenced by Vinnie Moore and I can totally notice it in this song. As the words "check this out" are spoken, the song then really the song begins after that slow blues style part.

The Song Meltdown Really Sets the Tone for This Album

The first track called Meltdown is heavy and starts with an aggressive and crunchy tone which is like 360 degrees different than how the first song in Time Odyssey called Morning Star started. The song seems to just chug along but trust me it is good! The song’s tone and mood clearly feels like someone is going to have a meltdown emotionally because they are angry, frustrated, or upset and they need to find a way to channel their energies towards something more positive. Near the end of the song it slows down and it is heavy as heck! So who plays on this 1991 album?

Vinnie Moore's Solo Discography

Year Released
Album Title
Mind's Eye
Time Odyssey
Out of Nowhere
The Maze
Defying Gravity
To the Core
Aerial Visions
Soul Shifter


Band Members That Play on the Album Meltdown

  • Vinnie Moore (all guitars)
  • Greg Smith (bass guitars)
  • Joe Franco (drums)

The Song Called "Check It Out"

About the Song Let's Go

You can get a sense of what Vinnie Moore is trying to say through the power of his music. In the song called Let’s Go, it is a fun and exciting blues influenced music that may influence you to go to the beach to surf. Or you may feel like going to a party. Does anybody remember the classic game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 The Manhattan Project? The main riff in this song is a slower and slightly different riff than the starting of that theme song and I get the visual sense of Level 2 in that classic video game as the 4 turtles are sent on a mission to surf through dangerous waters only to get on a submarine. Vinnie Moore’s speed and technique will leave you in awe for this song!

The Song Called Last Chance

Meltdown: Further Review and Analysis

The third song called Ridin’ High is a hard rock kind of song reminiscent of bands such as Poison or Motley Crue. Vinnie Moore’s finest moment as a musician may be on this album even though I have only listened to his first three albums. The slower song Earthshaker continues with the blues guitar but it also sounds like something Danzig has done throughout its career. There is a very extensive use of the wah pedal in this song. With the song called Deep Sea, we hear some atmospheric guitar sound along with the blues that Vinnie uses to his advantage. There is some repetition in this song but the mood is fast, lively, and sometimes energetic as well. I also notice an early Judas Priest influence in this song. The song Midnight Rain is influenced by Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath and I can hear it in some of the lead guitar playing. Where Angels Sing is the shortest song in the album and should provide an easier, more relaxing feel. The song called Last Chance has one of Vinnie Moore’s best and most creative riffs in his career. The last song called Coming Home is a slower song that can be looked as someone coming back home either from an exhausting day at work or they might have come home from a vacation of some sort. Overall, Meltdown is one of the finest instrumental rock albums of its kind and it may be even better than Jason Becker’s Perpetual Burn but that is a tough call.

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© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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