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Review of the Album "Meteora" by Alternative Metal Band Linkin Park

Updated on October 3, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

About Meteora, Chester Benington, and Mike Shinoda

“Meteora” is the 2003 studio album by American alternative metal band Linkin Park and it is the only studio album that I have heard from these guys but it is still worth a review and analysis anyhow because of its good grooves in songs such as Hit the Floor. Linkin Park had two vocalists, Chester Benington (1976-2017) and Michael Kenji “Mike Shinoda.” The style of the album is a sort of heavy metal combined with rap style vocals done by Shinoda and the harsh vocals by Chester. However, the vocals are not as harsh as bands such as St. Hood but you can hear that Linkin Park uses a mixture of rap and hardcore in an alternative way.

Don't Stay & Somewhere I Belong Provide Meteora With a Great Start

However, the case could be made that Meteora starts in a memorable fashion with the song called Don’t Stay. The first line by Chester is most memorable to me. He says: “Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe.” Sometimes we want certain people to get out of our lives because they are so toxic to us with the way they have treated us. Somewhere I Belong is a song about someone that is lost, confused, and does not know where he belongs in the world at large. He finds that what he thought that life was, is not the way that he imagined. Some people say that life is a real pain in the neck but life is what we make of it. Walking wounded because of our unresolved past is very painful.

Hit the Floor & Easier to Run

Hit the Floor has a great hip-hop feel as the song is about people that feel that they can take advantage of others by lying to them. These people may be on top of the world for one minute and then the next minute they can drop off. Don’t trust someone that is a pathological liar for they are only concerned about boosting their ego to suit themselves. Then we have the song called Easier to Run. The song is about the fact that it feels easier for us to run away from our life’s painful moments rather than face them head on. If we could change everything we would. The past cannot be changed but we can try to learn from our past mistakes that we made that caused us pain.

How is the Rest of Meteora?

Figure 09 sounds something out of the pages of Fear Factory as the rap style vocals sound like a part from the song called Back the F-Up but obviously this is not a carbon copy of that song. Sometimes we can become a prisoner of our own thoughts as they can act like that drunken monkey and make us feel bad, regretful and in pain. Breaking the Habit is a song about someone that knows that he is the one that is at fault. He is the one that is choosing the battles that he is fighting. He knows that he is the one that is confused on the inside. Do we always really know what is worth fighting for? From the Inside is a song about being tired of having to deal with what seems like constant lies and deceit. There comes a point in time where we have to just not put up with the other person’s lies and deceit and move on to a better life. Some people cannot be trusted and most of us get the point that the song is trying to raise. Nobody’s Listening has a flute sound in it as the atmosphere changes a little from what we have heard thus far. Then comes a sort of atmospheric instrumental song called Session. Numb which is one of Linkin Park’s most well-known songs is about rebelling against a relationship in which the other person has forced us to be just like them and we are tired of conforming to other people’s standards. For all the great songs in Meteora it would not be complete if we did not discuss the song Faint. The song is about someone that is lonely, insecure, and not confident and they are not able to convince others that they matter really a lot. In life, some people turn their backs on us as we are left wondering what to do. Overall, Meteora is an outstanding album from start to finish and this is one of the gems in American music history.

"Don't Stay"

"Hit the Floor"

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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