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Review of the Album Morning Crimson by Finnish Melodic Black Metal Band Catamenia

Updated on April 13, 2018
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Ara is a Journalism graduate that loves to listen to heavy metal music! He is also a big fan of classical music as well.

Image of Catamenia Band Member Walking Through a Forest

These lines are from the song The Forests of Tomorrow. For some of us, putting ourselves in the company of nature can be a way to find out the truth of the meaning of our existence.
These lines are from the song The Forests of Tomorrow. For some of us, putting ourselves in the company of nature can be a way to find out the truth of the meaning of our existence. | Source

The Motivation for Writing About the Album Morning Crimson

The album Morning Crimson by the band Catamenia starts off in terrific fashion as the first song Aurora Borealis starts like a song that the band Kalmah would have written on their debut album called Swamplord. I was more than thrilled to be reviewing this album not just because it is Catamenia we are talking about but when you are at a place in life where you know that writings such as this can come to you easier then the whole world opens up to you.

One of the Main Lyrical Themes of Morning Crimson is How the Cold and Snow Can Bring Some People's Moods Down

Sometimes in life as the song symbolically states, the burning flames and the heat can be a guiding force to get us through the freezing cold nights. …And Winter Descends is an Arcturus influenced song about how the cold and darkness of winter can bring many people’s spirits down. Even a walk through the cold areas and being exposed to frosty, cold air can be enough to bring some people down into the dark depths of despair.

Morning Crimson The Review Part 3

Passing Moment of Twilight Time continues the Arcturus style riffing as the song is basically trying to say that sometimes we forget the beautiful moments that have passed us by as the moonlight lights up the night sky and makes it pleasing to look at and remember. If there are any flaws with Morning Crimson it is that it has the same style of screeching growls by Mika Tonning and the riffing style is pretty much a constant throughout the album. The Forests of Tomorrow is a song about someone that is searching for the truth in a forest as the wolves are his guide. I know that to some music fans this may be a cheesy way to structure the lyrics but the band’s album covers have focused solely on having packs of wolves on the covers. As night falls, the man is walking through the forest hoping that he will make it through whatever adversity he may be facing. When the Frost Took the Lakes lyrically is about what happened as the frost developed and froze all the lakes of the land as the snowstorm started to take effect. The song has one of the best starting riffs in the history of Catamenia.

Overall, Morning Crimson is an improvement over the band’s debut but in terms of being the best album the band has written, it is not quite there.

How is the Title Track Morning Crimson?

There is also the title track Morning Crimson which tells of the memories that some people have when they have witnessed a moment in which they have reached their destination but the destination is not revealed by them. As the sun burns and the moonlight gives way to this sun, the victorious ones shall celebrate. It takes a while to get used to the music of these first two albums but starting with 2002’s Eskhata, that’s when these guys get seriously good!

"Aurora Borealis"

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"Morning Crimson" the Song

"The Forests of Tomorrow"

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