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Review of the Album "Perfect Symmetry" by American Progressive Metal Band Fates Warning

Updated on May 23, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

"Perfect Symmetry" Followed on the Heels of No Exit the Band's Best Album of the Decade

American progressive metal band Fates Warning has been a stellar progressive metal band ever since they basically roared out of the gate into the heavy metal scene with their debut album Night on Brocken in 1984. By 1989, they had released 4 very good albums including their awesome 1988 album called No Exit which is easily the best one of that decade for them.

How is Perfect Symmetry Different from the 4 Previous Albums By Fates Warning?

In 1989, they released another album called Perfect Symmetry and this one is a little different in the sense that it has a keyboard solo in the song called At Fate's Hands as their progressive guitar is mixed in with the keyboard sound. We will come back to this song in just a moment because it starts out as a calm, peaceful ballad kind of song. This album is the first one to have then new drummer Mark Zonder.

A Photo of Ray Alder from His Other Band Syrus


How Did Fates Warning Get to This Point as a Band?

By this point in their career, Fates Warning had established themselves as the elite American progressive metal band due to their strength on the album No Exit. They were able to catapult themselves to stardom with Ray Alder’s powerful vocals, Jim Matheos’ great melodies and the epic 20 minute plus The Ivory Gate of Dreams.

Perfect Symmetry: Songs Part of the Machine, Through Different Eyes, Static Acts, A World Apart, and At Fates Hands

Perfect Symmetry does not start out with a short intro and instead goes to the first full song. Through Different Eyes is a song about what happens when people look “through different eyes,” having a different perspective and looking for things that we lack. However, we are not able to go back to times that were different, also known as the past. In the guitar work, particularly in the song Static Eyes, the riffs are like what the band Malpractice would put in their guitar work many years later. Static Acts has some of Ray Alder’s highest, most powerful vocals. A World Apart starts out with the acoustic type part that I heard in the previous album with the song called In a Word. However, this song is not as good as that one but Ray Alder’s voice is clear. At Fates Hands is a song about people feeling lost without a sense of direction but they are trying to map out their destiny. They feel like they are lost on a calm sea amidst a storm that is raging to rip everything apart.

The Song Called "At Fate's Hands"

The Song Called "Chasing Time"

The Songs Chasing Time and Nothing to Say End Another Good Album

Chasing Time is a beautiful acoustic song that is about a person that spends his time living for the future. He has this idea that there are better days to come. Even though he can take full advantage of what he has today, he continues to live for a future that is not guaranteed. There’s a reason why so many life coaches suggest that we live in the present and embrace the gifts that this present moment has while making plans for the future. The last song called Nothing to Say is a song about a person that once had the drive, ambition, and motivation to succeed in his life goals. But he then falls prey to the cycle of compulsion and a need to be obsessed to be the best in a world that is consumed by materialism.

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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