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Review of the Album Pervertigo by the Finnish Heavy Metal Band Throne of Chaos

Updated on November 20, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

What is the Musical Style of the Album Pervertigo?

Pervertigo is the second studio album by the band formerly known as Throne of Chaos and this one features contributions by two other vocalists. Those people are Pasi Nykanen and Niklas Isfeldt. Pervertigo is not as good of an album as their debut but the first song Johnny B. Dead still has some memorable melody to show listeners that the melodic influence is not totally gone.

I would say that the style of Pervertigo is a mixture of hard Gothic heavy rock and death metal so it is one of those hybrid musical albums.

This screen shot image is from a fan video on YouTube for the song called Reason to Be. A woman in a dress is surrounded by a crow in the darkness of night.
This screen shot image is from a fan video on YouTube for the song called Reason to Be. A woman in a dress is surrounded by a crow in the darkness of night.

Pervertigo the Album's Title Track Is the First Significant Song

Pervertigo the title track is one example of this and the song has good hard rock style vocals. The song is about a man that wants to take a journey to a place where no life exists and it is cold so that he can have no pain. When a person is dead on the inside it seems that he cannot feel anything anymore. Sometimes it is better to leave everything behind when your body is seemingly screaming for more. Or is it?

About the Song "The System" and the Important Messages

The System is a short and fast song about the system that has failed so many people as poverty and homelessness has increased. The song could as well be a message to forget the system that has not been working. Free market capitalism creates far more inequality than it solves but some people want to live in a state of denial and believe their own alternate facts. Politicians (not all of them) especially in the US will try to convince the public that everything is fine and that there is nothing to worry about. We must see through this smokescreen of deception and use our own will and mind to succeed in an increasingly cutthroat system.

The Significance of the Song No Nothing

No Nothing is a song that continues on a similar theme. In life the cards will sometimes be stacked against us as we have been told by social conditioning that things need to be a certain way. It seems like we have no hope and no chances but as long as our heart beats and we are alive and healthy there is always a chance for success.


A Woman Sleeping


The Songs Truth and Tragedy and Sleep

Truth and Tragedy is a song about someone that has lost the love of their life due to some heartless action that has been committed. He is in so much pain and suffering now that she is gone. He knows that he cannot continue to feel like this but he is full of pain and sorrow. The song has a mixture of piano play and heavy, crunchy guitar picking in it before the main melody really starts. Sleep features the growling death metal vocals of Taneli Kiljunen who pretty much was the only vocalist for the band’s debut album Menace and Prayer. Sleep is a song about someone who cannot sleep as the clock strikes 12 midnight because he is panicking and worrying about something. As he reaches for a dream, something pulls him back. However for the purposes of this song, the man feels that he is broken and the night will not change anything in his life. What is not broken is the music on this album as the songwriting is top notch once again. An Opeth style acoustic part is in the middle of the song.


Final Thoughts About Pervertigo

Reason to Be stylistically is like the Gothic rock band For My Pain and the song is about being in a relationship that ended because of lies. However, he is hurting because he still wants to be with her. Some women you cannot live with and you also cannot live without them. Some relationships just aren’t worth the pain and anguish. Love sometimes does hurt but in the end to be able love someone for the good reasons is always worth it. The progressive style song Game is a song about the dangers of betting and gambling. Overall, Pervertigo is another solid release from the band formerly known as Throne of Chaos.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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