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Review of the Album Prove You Wrong 1991 by American Heavy Metal Band Prong

Updated on February 7, 2018

Album Cover for Prove You Wrong

The symbol that looks like a king's crown appears in the music video for the song Unconditional.
The symbol that looks like a king's crown appears in the music video for the song Unconditional. | Source

What is the Musical Style of Prove You Wrong? Why Analyze The Album?

Prove You Wrong is the 3rd studio album by American heavy metal band Prong. Normally, I would review and comment on an album that I have listened through at least once. But sometimes the urge to review and analyze an album is so appealing and you are so eager to do it that you listen to each song and then review each song one by one. Or you listen to a few songs and then you decide to review the chosen album. Prove You Wrong is Prong’s weakest album musically and I’ll tell you why this is the case.

The style is mostly mid-tempo groove metal with Tommy Victor’s vocals getting a little raspy on the song Brainwave.

Prove You Wrong The review Part 1

The album opens up with the song Irrelevant Thoughts and this one has a weird guitar sound along with the muddy bass guitar that can be heard. The song is basically a short, muddy song about how society can confuse people by instilling the wrong thoughts or information in their heads. However, this album may be Prong’s low moment as a band. Unconditional is a song that describes what happens when we lose the ability to love others unconditionally. Positively Blind is a song about a person that has excess pride and he is blind to the truth. His future is further in doubt because of his attitude. When I first heard the album Cleansing for instance, I felt as if it had a strong first half and a mediocre second half. But with Prove You Wrong, this is not the case. The next song called Hell If I Could has some weird sounds and Tommy Victor’s shouting takes over. Is it pointless to review this album? No, because then readers can read about the evolution of Prong as a band and where they have gotten to musically as their career progressed.

Prove You Wrong the Review Part 2

There is actually a song on this album called Pointless which is a song about corporations and business owners doing what they can to get rid of excess human capital or employees as the stocks fall and the business suffers. We finally have a decent song called Torn Between and this is a song about humans having the ability to have transgressions and to deceive others. When we are in this human body, sin is always going to happen because we will all fall short of the glory of GOD. Brainwave is a song about many people that want to fit in to be like others instead of being their true selves and just trying to be original instead of being something they are not. If you don’t fit in with others, so be it as the songs says. It is better to be original and true to yourself instead of trying to be like others and live a life that’s not fit for you.

The Music Video for the Song Unconditional

Final Thoughts on the Album Prove You Wrong

Prove You Wrong is a largely lackluster, uninspiring effort by a band that rose to national prominence on MTV with songs such as Broken Peace and Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck. This album is just a learning experience for New York City’s Prong and they would get better with time even if their first two releases were good before this one. Is this album as bad as Pantera’s The Great Southern Trendkill? No it is not that bad but there are no really impressive riffs that can impress your ears in this album and so it is Prong’s weakest album. The good songs in this album are Unconditional, Torn Between, and Brainwave.

The Song Called Brainwave

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