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Review of the Album Savage Poetry by German Power Metal Band Edguy

Updated on February 29, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Edguy's First Official Studio Album

Savage Poetry is officially the first studio album by German power metal band Edguy and why is this significant? There may be a common misconception that The Savage Poetry is Edguy's first album and that's just not factually correct. It is confusing to have two albums with almost the same exact title but nonetheless, Savage Poetry was released in 1995 and this album is regarded as a demo rather than a full length album. Tobias Sammet at this time was in his final year of high school when this album came out and in 2020, Savage Poetry turns 25 years old. It is rather remarkable how fast time flies but we must enjoy this magnificent journey called life.

Savage Poetry Has a Different Track Listing Compared to "The Savage Poetry"

The track listing for Savage Poetry is in a different order with the song Key to My Fate being the first song in the album. Then comes the song Hallowed which in this album has a noticeable, loud bass line which it starts with and this sounds like Iron Maiden. In this album compared to “The Savage Poetry” Tobias's voice is not as high and he was just starting out his career with Edguy.


The Songs Hallowed, Misguiding Your Life, & Sands of Time

Hallowed has a harmony section that reminds me of Iron Maiden, most notably during their best years when they used the synth style of play. The vocals don't have as much power and harmony as they would have when Edguy progressed in their career but nonetheless, what we have here is some very good power metal especially for the time that it was written. Edguy was a band at that time that was just starting out and what they did under those circumstances was quite good. Misguiding Your Life has the motto of what happens to someone that is driven by insanity or hate. “Sands of Time” on this version has the piano sound but the vocals are normal without the high pitches that you would hear on the re-recording of this album that would come five years later. The vocals have harmony with them without the power and pitch. There was a time when I wasn't sure whether I'd review and analyze this album but I've gotten my creative energies to start working again to an advantageous position. As a person that played the piano for several years, I find Sands of Time to be a great ballad in the history of Edguy.

Analysis of the Sound Quality on Savage Poetry

On this album, the song Sacred Hell has that rough kind of picking sound as it turns into a rather satisfying power metal song. This album is of the sound quality that it does sound like a demo CD so it is no surprise that it is referred to as a demo rather than a full-length album. Kingdom of Madness which is the album after this one would also sound similar to this one with the drums not having a pounding sound as we hear on this one so as the band progressed their sound quality would improve. The sound quality of these earlier albums by many of these “older” bands was kind of primitive because the technology back then wasn't as advanced. Older bands are the ones that were formed in the 1970s, 1980s, and all the way up to I would say the middle of the 1990s so Edguy is in this category. Savage Poetry though is not an album that is on the level of Dark Tranquillity's The Gallery but for 1995 it is a solid power metal release that showed that these German guys had lots of potential. However, the sound quality on Savage Poetry is not of the raw nature that we heard on albums such as Metallica's Kill Em All but the sounds is of an older, outdated power metal type. The end of the song Sacred Hell ends in dramatic fashion.

Edguy Is a Great Band Even At Their Lowest Point

Eyes of the Tyrant on this album has a progressive sound and it is because of how the guitars sound. However this is different from the twin guitar sound that some bands use. The modern Iron Maiden sound is once again present and what can I say about bands from Germany. Germans just know how to play heavy metal and make it work and even if one of their albums isn't as good as others, they don't suck like some of these American bands do. Edguy even at their lowest point did not suck and I just think that Germans have that musical skill and technique in their genes and it shows even on this 1995 album. Edguy's best years were probably from their formation back in 1992 through 2003. There is a section of the song Eyes of the Tyrant that kind of sounds like the riffing that the band Rotting Christ would use in their songs and then there is another section that has that “evil” dark sound to it and a guitar player would know what I am referring to here.

Final Thoughts About Savage Poetry

We could pretty much make the case that every single song on Savage Poetry is good enough to be considered good. The first three songs on this first album are the strongest ones and they really set the foundation for what was to come later in this band's career. For a debut effort, Savage Poetry doesn't have savage sounding songs but rather it is like a piece of art that is still beautiful even many years after it was first created. The only real cons if we even really have them on Savage Poetry is that the guitar sound is primitive but even then the sound does not necessarily suck. Instead of saying that we dedicate our roses to no one, this album can be dedicated to all the fans worldwide that have a love for power metal especially the early power metal albums. Savage Poetry ends in the same way that The Savage Poetry ended, with the magnificent song Power and Majesty. This power metal song combined with the new wave of British heavy metal influence shows that Edguy weren't here just to play music but they were here to make the statement that they are powerful and successful when it comes to music and Savage Poetry shows just that in spite of the sound being old and outdated.

Best of These Two Edguy Albums

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© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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