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Review of the Album "Schizo Deluxe" by Canadian Thrash Metal Band Annihilator

Updated on September 3, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

"Schizo Deluxe" Features the Return of Vocalist Dave Padden

Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator never ceases to impress music fans with their albums. Their 2005 album called Schizo Deluxe is another impressive display of heavy, brilliant musical quality. Vocalist Dave Padden returns after his stellar performance on the 2004 album All for You.

The Band Annihilator Should be Recognized as one of the Best Bands from an English Speaking Country

With most of the attention being given to countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, the band Annihilator from Canada should be recognized as one of the best bands from an English speaking country? Why is this a good question? They can do absolutely no wrong musically even when they change vocalists. They can compete with the US's Metallica and their riffing is just as good if not better.

The Song Maximum Satan Is Another Influential Song for This Band

The first song called "Maximum Satan" is a really heavy song that is a song aimed at criticizing the mainstream news networks and politicians. As many politicians lie and steal, children disappear leaving us wondering what we can do to turn our lives around. The song is lyrically similar to The Box written back in 1994. Dave Padden uses these kinds of harsh shouts but he does them well. When a natural disaster comes, we must prepare for them. The band has always been very aware that because of our politicians’ reckless and greedy decisions, many lives are at stake as global warming leads to disasters and the environment is polluted as the great song Stonewall raises awareness of this issue.

Influential Song # 2: Drive

The song "Drive" starts in the way that the song King of the Kill does. But then the song really speeds up! The song is about a person that has a nothing to lose kind of attitude as he will drive or get to his stated goals. He is alright, he is okay and he will survive another day. Even if he feels like he is going under or even if there is a chance for him to fail, he knows deep down inside that he will succeed no matter what.

Even the beginning drum beats in this song are similar to King of the Kill. Some of you may recall that the last time that the band had a song that was similar lyrically to Drive was 1993’s The Edge.

Plasma Zombies Is a Song That Adult Parents Should Listen To and Here Is Why

The impressive thrash metal song called "Plasma Zombies" is a very influential song because it talks about the decline of the US educational system as children are brainwashed. Instead of really studying hard in school these children can’t wait to get home and play the latest video game that is very violent. These children are seeing things on the TV that they should not be seeing. The news is usually filled with lots of negative news stories because these news stories are what sells and makes money. Instead of our children playing these violent video games and falling behind on their homework, they should show the proper study habits so that they can succeed in high school and go to a good university like I did. The lackluster quality of education in many US states certainly does not help these children either.

A Photo of a Warbird Fighter Plane


Warbird: the Song That Can Really Inspire You to Listen to This Album

The song that got me into this album is the extremely groovy song "Warbird." After the bass guitar the heavy song kicks in! The chorus is impressive as Dave Padden says “fly, fly with the Warbird.” The scream at the end by Dave Padden is a vocal display that would leave Mark Boals impressed! The song has the sound of warplanes flying overhead in the beginning. "Warbird" is actually a type of fighter plane used in combat missions.

The Song Called Warbird

The Songs Invite It, Like Father Like Gun, and Pride

The melody continues with the song called "Invite It." Sometimes the wrong information can get in our heads and cause us lots of panic. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to the information we get exposed to. In fact, Annihilator is no stranger to songs that have very socially impressive lyrics as was mentioned before. The song called "Like Father, Like Gun" is a blues style thrash metal song that is about the adverse effects that a society with guns can cause. Each year thousands of US citizens die because of gun violence. It is my hope that songs like this one can encourage the US Congress to pass more effective legislation that reduces the risk of this type of violence. If an adult father gets access to a gun and uses it for the wrong purposes, there is a good chance that his child will do the same once he or she grows up.

The song "Pride" is about rejecting things that we don’t want and that we don’t need. These things will affect our pride.

"Plasma Zombies"

Analysis of the Songs Too Far Gone, Clare, & Something Witchy

"Too Far Gone" features a vocal contribution by Jeff Waters. This is the first lead vocal job for him since the impressive love ballad called Holding On. If you have not heard that song, I encourage you to go and hear it because it is a masterpiece and better than any Metallica ballad. Schizo Deluxe is the band’s finest album since 2001’s Carnival Diablos and that’s not too far before this one. All of Annihilator’s albums are at least good and this is one of the reasons why they are Canada’s finest thrash metal band. In Schizo Deluxe, the vocals and melodies are superb thus transforming Annihilator into an elite melodic thrash metal band along with Germany’s Kreator. At the end of the song "Clare," we see the elite, intricate lead guitar work by Jeff Waters. "Something Witchy" is about someone that is involved in a very abusive, dysfunctional relationship. There are mood swings, anger, and just a massive insanity when things really break down. Schizo Deluxe is an even better album than 2004’s All For You and it shows the creative genius of Jeff Waters!

The Song Called "Too Far Gone"

Schizo Deluxe vs. Carnival Diablos

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Questions About Annihilator's Vocalists

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"Invite It"

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