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Review of the Album "Scorpio Rising" by New York Thrash Metal Band Prong

Updated on March 2, 2018

Photo of the Album Cover for Scorpio Rising

The front album cover for Scorpio Rising has a scorpion in the middle of it which is interesting because the band took out the letter n when composing the album's title.
The front album cover for Scorpio Rising has a scorpion in the middle of it which is interesting because the band took out the letter n when composing the album's title. | Source

Scorpio Rising is a Mixture of Slowed Down Thrash Metal with Gothic Influences

New York City band Prong is not only one of the best thrash metal bands that has reinvented itself but it has gotten stronger as its career has gone on. Their 2003 album called Scorpio Rising is another example of their evolution. They had a seven year gap between 1996’s Rude Awakening and this album. The results show that this is a solid album if heavy metal fans just give this one a chance like I did. Prong in this album has thrash metal combined with some Gothic metal style riffing as you are about to see later in the album.

The Songs Detached and All Knowing Force

Another surprise awaits heavy metal fans as the first song called Detached is a slower song than what we have heard in the past from this band when they have begun an album. The different style continues into the song called All Knowing Force. There is a definite messy modern day industrial sound in this song just like the song Sexecution several years earlier. As the music industry has changed, bands have tried to experiment musically and for Prong it has worked out pretty well. Tommy Victor does some experimentation with his vocal range and it sounds like he is making it hoarser.

The Song Detached

Embrace the Depth is a Catchy Song About Appreciating What We Have

The Gothic metal influence can be heard in the song called Embrace the Depth. The lyrics in this album are more complicated and in depth compared to Prong’s earlier years. This third song is trying to let us know that we should take the time to appreciate what we have and have had in the past. Human life is so complex yet so interesting at the same time.

There is Also a St. Hood and Paradise Lost Influence in the Album

The song Regal sounds like the type of groovy thrash that we would hear with the band St. Hood in the album called Control. I also see a more modern version of Arch Enemy style riffing in this song. Next we hear the song called Avoid Promises which is influenced by Paradise Lost of the United Kingdom. The song is about praying for guidance and direction when we have trouble keeping promises.

The Ways That Scorpio Rising is Different From Other Prong Albums

It should also be said that Scorpio Rising has faster vocals by Tommy Victor that make it sound like System of a Down. This may turn many fans away from the album but this is no weak moment for Prong. It is a period of change, exploration, and discovery for this band as they have done punk metal, standard heavy metal, industrial thrash metal, and now a newer style of heavy metal.

Final Thoughts About the Album Scorpio Rising

Out of This Realm is a song about listening to the “Earth’s Master” also known as GOD and making sure that you learn from your mistakes in life. GOD will forgive our fall, HE will forgive our sins as long as we are willing to learn from our mistakes in life. If you fall down, make sure to get back up and ask for forgiveness. Entrance of the Eclipse starts with a bass part and riffing that reminds me of Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck back in 1994. There’s something great about becoming a wiser person.

Scorpio Rising is a slower album with a lot of bass work and it is toned down. However, those of you that really give it a chance will like it enough to consider it a good album. It is probably not as good as 1990’s Beg to Differ but it is still good enough even for Prong.

Scorpio Rising is not a superb album but it is also not as weak as 1991’s Prove You Wrong album. So how good of a score does Scorpio Rising really get?

70 out of 100 points for a C grade.

The Song Called Embrace the Depth

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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