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Review of the Album "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" by British Heavy Metal Band Iron Maiden

Updated on April 21, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and the Album's Lyrical Themes

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is the excellent 1988 album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden and it is one of the best of that year as well as that decade. The album picks up musically where Somewhere in Time left off. Lyrically, the album focuses on philosophy, religion, and the meaning and purpose of human life. What is our destiny? What is planned for us on this Earth? Looking at these concepts from a musical standpoint, some fans might notice what Iron Maiden's objective was with this album.

What Are the Strongest Songs in Seventh Son of a Seventh Son?


The Prophecy

Infinite Dreams

The Evil That Men Do

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Album Cover


The Importance of the Song Infinite Dreams

The brilliant song Infinite Dreams is a song about someone that keeps on experiencing recurring dreams which turn out to be nightmares. In these nightmares, someone is chasing him and he cannot even move. The song brings up the larger context of life. There has to be more than just this physical existence here on Earth. Some people believe that when they die, they will be reincarnated, come back to Earth and play the game of life again and again. I certainly think that there is a chance of reincarnation as well. The band recognized this on some level back in 1988 at a time when mobile phones, the Internet and other forms of technology had not been seen yet. With the advances in technology, it is possible that life spans can be increased as well beyond what many could have thought.

The Album Provides a Solud Finish to the 1980's for Iron Maiden

This album is a very strong finish to the decade, not just for Bruce Dickinson and his other band mates, but it brings to a close a very strong decade for the genre of heavy metal in general. The decade saw the proliferation and rise in popularity for several bands and a few of these reached their peak including Iron Maiden who were showing signs of it back in 1980. Their musical strength pretty much dominated the whole decade as they had classic songs such as Wrathchild, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Where Eagles Dare, the Prophecy and the list goes on.

How is the Rest of This 1988 Album?

The Evil That Men Do is slow at first but then the song builds up speed as Bruce Dickinson has some of his best vocals to date. The song is basically about humans living on the edge of life as something causes them to engage in acts that are a detriment to themselves and society. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is the longest song in the album, clocking in at almost ten minutes. This is the song where Bruce shows us his power and range as he is able to hold his voice for several seconds and make it sound impressive! However, the strongest song in the album is one called The Prophecy. The melody and technique even for Iron Maiden is impressive beyond a level that is hard to explain in words. The song is about a fortune teller that predicts that doom will befall the village and that many people will die unless they listen to him. Meanwhile, there is tension in the land because Lucifer laughs waiting to make a move. The end of the song has a beautiful classical style part in it and it is only fitting that such a great song ends this way. The Prophecy should be on a list of the ten best heavy metal songs ever. The song called The Clairvoyant is a song about someone that is able to predict what will happen. He knows that one day we will all meet our maker. There is a time to live and a time to die as the song states. That is part of the human life cycle because we are all mortals. What are the weak points about the album? There are none that I can think of. In spite of this, this album still may not be their best but it is a close call because Piece of Mind and Somewhere in Time are excellent as well. Nonetheless, this album is strong as well!

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© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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