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Review of the Album "Slime and Punishment" by Municipal Waste

Updated on January 3, 2021
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


Slime and Punishment Has a Few Differences Than Previous Albums by This Band

Slime and Punishment is the 2017 studio album by Richmond, Virginia based crossover thrash metal band Municipal Waste. Slime and Punishment is a little different from their previous releases. One way is that the vocals sound a little different, being like Irish thrash metal band Animator. Nonetheless, these raging vocals by Tony Foresta do not let up as the album focuses mostly on audible bass lines, fast as heck riffs and just straight through crossover thrash and that’s pretty much it. This is fast, crossover speed and thrash without the excessive profanity that dominates the band Suicidal Tendencies and there are also no ballad songs to be seen on such a short album. There is a short instrumental song called “Under the Waste Command” which is basically a Municipal Waste song that speeds through with no vocals in it. The style is actually a modern Megadeth with crossover thrash type of song.

What Type of Album Is Slime and Punishment?

For those of you that want an album that doesn’t drag on too long, this one may be just right for you. The album has 14 songs and it is slightly less than 30 minutes, making it like a Reign in Blood album in terms of its length. However, Slime and Punishment consists of fast songs that end really quickly and this is no Reign in Blood by Slayer but it sure is a good one to listen to while having fun with friends and partying. The bass lines see an improvement as they are easier to hear in this album.

"Breathe Grease"

Municipal Waste is the Premier Crossover Thrash Metal Band Now

I know that there’s going to be a good portion of music fans that think about the band Suicidal Tendencies or D.R.I. That is when crossover thrash is mentioned but it is now time for Municipal Waste to put themselves on top of that sub genre. Since their super short album Waste ‘Em All in 2003 these guys have released a great party thrash album in The Art of Partying and now there is Slime and punishment with its impressive bass lines.

The super-fast song “Breathe Grease” and “Enjoy the Night” which is only 49 seconds long set the tone for an album that centers on living a lifestyle that is fast paced and reckless. “Shrednecks” which may be a play on the phrase redneck is a song that lyrically talks about people that drive pickup trucks and that are willing to play very fast heavy metal music. The album lyrically focuses on some pretty controversial social issues such as criticism of organized religion as in the song “Poison the Preacher” and also there is criticism of how criminals are handled as in the song “Parole Violators.” “Slime and Punishment” the song is lyrically about what happens in a justice system that is flawed and corrupt. “Breathe Grease” in terms of its length is as long as that Napalm Death song “Taste the Poison” but that’s about the only similarity that these two songs have. Nevertheless, "Breathe Grease" is a really solid way to open up this super short crossover thrash album.

Final Thoughts About the Album Slime and Punishment

This album ends in a musically sort of furious way with the song “Think Fast” which is basically like Megadeth only faster. If you recall songs such as She Wolf or FFF you will know what I mean. However, that is not to say that “Think Fast” is as good as those two songs but it ends this album in its own special way.

"Under the Waste Command"

"Think Fast"

© 2021 Ara Vahanian


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