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Review of the Album "Something Wild" by Finnish Melodic Metal Band Children of Bodom

Updated on February 18, 2018

Album Cover for Something Wild

The album cover for Something Wild shows the Grim Reaper in an area that looks like a sandy rock kind of formation. He is sticking his hand out as if he wants to be given something by a stranger.
The album cover for Something Wild shows the Grim Reaper in an area that looks like a sandy rock kind of formation. He is sticking his hand out as if he wants to be given something by a stranger. | Source

The Album Something Wild Features the Musical Excellence of a Then Very Young Alexi Laiho

Children of Bodom, one of the first neoclassical melodic death metal bands of the modern era came onto the scene with their debut album called "Something Wild". What we hear on this album is nothing short of superb! Something Wild was released in 1997 featuring the guitar prowess by then 18 year-old Alexi Laiho who has since proven that he can play with pretty much any guitarist of the genre in terms of speed, melody, and technique. If 1999 was the best year for this band, 1997 was just about equally as good. Even though for emphasis we say that this album shows the musical brilliance of a then very young Alexi Laiho, he still is not old by any means being 38 years old in 2017. But back in 1997, he showed much promise with his musical skill.

Personnel That Play on the Album Something Wild

  • Alexi Laiho: guitars and vocals
  • Alexander Kuoppala: guitars
  • Henkka T. Blacksmith (Seppala): bass guitars
  • Janne Warman: keyboards
  • Jaska Raatikainen: drums

In the Shadows is a Very Good Technical Song

With the first song called Deadnight Warrior that features the sound of ominous thunder, evil laughs and a tough grunt, Alexi Laiho growls “Yeah” as the band’s music kicks in. The keyboard has a sort of sound that we would have heard in a video game back one decade before. In the Shadows features some pretty slick, fast drumming as we hear the neoclassical influence and it builds up to create one of the finest songs in the band’s career. The song refers to a person that has very bad dreams and he is aware that the Grim Reaper awaits at some unknown border waiting for those who try to pass him. Traditionally, the Grim Reaper has been a character in video games that stops travelers in their tracks not letting them pass until they prove that they can beat him. I know that this is not a video game review but the Grim Reaper is one of the bosses in the original Castlevania video game.

Red Light in My Eyes Part 2

Red Light in My Eyes Parts 1, 2, and Lake Bodom

Then the album has the songs Red Light in My Eyes Part 1 and Red Light in My Eyes Part 2. The songs focus on somebody that has been trapped by extremely negative feelings of his own. This may have something to do with the fact that the band’s name comes from one of the biggest unsolved crimes of the 20th century. It could be that the band was trying to express their anger through the power of melodic death metal.

The second song in this series especially features passages from the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The classical style tapping continues to dominate in the song and there is a reference to fire having both a harmful and beneficial effect. This neoclassical style really works in the band’s favor and they abandoned this in favor of a heavier, less melodic style which is good too for the most part but this neoclassical style made them better as the song Lake Bodom demonstrates. The ending where Alexi really growls the words “something wild” like a really brutal creature is such a menacing growl that it would leave most death metal vocalists in awe of his power and range.

In the Shadows

Something Wild Has a Very Solid Finish

The Nail is so fast that it represents a power metal version of Children of Bodom. The last song called Touch Like Angel of Death is a song about a warrior whose mind is so worn out that he is overcome by rage and has a desire to snuff out the lives of people to prove a point. Overall, Something Wild represents not an album that is wild and out of order but an album that even 20 years later is one of the best releases in the history of neoclassical death metal.

Favorite Song on the album Something Wild

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Final Thoughts About the Album Something Wild

If Children of Bodom stuck to the style of their first three albums, they could have been as great as some of the other melodic death metal bands today. Yes, this band did get less neoclassical and used traditional melodic death metal riffs but by the time they reached 2005 they sounded more like a thrash metal band. This is not a bad thing but the band should have refined their neoclassical style and improved that. Is Something Wild better than their album in 1999 called Hatebreeder? It is tough to say but these albums are solid and deserve no less than 92 points out of 100.

The Nail

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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    • CELEBSFAN78 profile image

      Ara Vahanian 6 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      Nell Rose: thank you for commenting. I am glad you are into the genre of metal. Scorpions are a great group of guys being active since 1964. That was well before my time! But this particular album Something Wild is now over 20 years old (hard to believe time goes by so fast), and I thought it needed a review so that people could look back and appreciate the skill of Alexi Laiho. Have a great day!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 months ago from England

      I saw the word Metal and here I am! lol! Reminiscent of Cradle of Filth, and yes I love it! I usually listen to Scorpions, who are my favorite Band ever, but if I want to let of steam then this will do nicely! lol!