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Review of the Album "Terrible Certainty" by German Thrash Metal Band Kreator

Updated on September 8, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

What is the Musical Style of the Album "Terrible Certainty?"

"Terrible Certainty" is the 1987 studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator and like many albums of its kind back at this time, it clocks in at just over 36 minutes long so it will be over soon. The album begins with the song Blind Faith. At the start of the song, the vocals are so fast that they sound like something all of us would have heard in the 1986 album Reign in Blood. The solos are lightning fast as well. The song is about what happened during the Roman Empire as Christians were being persecuted. Belief in GOD to grant people a prayer was seen as something futile because it was looked upon as prayer without faith.

The Album Cover for Terrible Certainty


Terrible Certainty is an Album That Fans Should Listen to After Hearing the Band's Later Albums

Note: as we are doing this review, this writer is also writing about Metallica, a band that started off their career with the fast, staccato riffs back in 1981. This was the weakest album by Kreator that I had heard at first but not anymore. It is certainly not an album worth skipping over by any means. Give it a chance after you have heard their later albums.

Review of the Songs Storming With Menace, Terrible Certainty, and As the World Burns

Storming With Menace is a song that describes a situation where a black cloud hangs over the future of a person whose mind is filled with lies, deceit, and numerous falsehoods. In the middle section of the song there is an interlude part which would be used to a certain degree years later in this band’s 2005 album called Enemy of God. Terrible Certainty the title track is a song about a person that has become infected with a serious disease and he will die soon from it. Praying is all that he can do. Later in the song, we get the hint that the song is referring to the plague. As the World Burns is a song that addresses the possible end of the world as people die, civilizations become extinct and cultures die off. Since the beginning of time, there has always been the possibility of the world being in serious danger because of the selfish nature of human beings. Some humans are prone to being violent and this kind of violence puts the world in danger. Kreator understood this very well back in 1987.

The Importance of the Song "Toxic Trace"

Toxic Trace is a very fast song that lyrically addresses the harmful effects that the chemical industry brings to Planet Earth as there are too many pesticides in the food and there are so many toxins that get put out into the air. Is the writing on the wall? Will the world really end one day? These are not questions that most of us like to think about but the band brings up the subject for thought. Having pesticides in our food is like choking on a very bad seed. That seed or those pesticide foods can really make us sick.

"Toxic Trace"

"Blind Faith"

Final Thoughts About the Album Terrible Certainty

The next song called No Escape is typical of the lyrical themes in this album as the band tries to bring up the massive flaws in human nature especially those people that are prone to hating others. Given the fact that this is an early Kreator studio album, the melodies that we hear in the mid 2000’s are not present here as the band focuses exclusively on speed.

Final Score for the Album "Terrible Certainty": 72 out of 100 points which is not a bad score but given the history of Kreator’s excellence with albums such as Enemy of God, Violent Revolution, and Endorama, this album is average but still manageable to listen to.

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