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Review of the Album "the Blue" by Italian Doom and Death Metal Band Novembre

Updated on December 26, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

The Blue Combines Progressive Rock With Death Metal Vocals

The Blue is the 6th studio album by Italian doom and death metal band Novembre and this one would be the last album before their extended break away from performing and or recording until 2015. Materia saw the band go in a more progressive rock oriented direction. The Blue sees the band continue their progressive style but there is the return of the death metal vocals that we heard earlier in the band’s career. There is one other band that fans will more than likely know that experimented with these kinds of vocals. Can you guess which band that is? The answer is Lacuna Coil, also from Italy.

By 2007, Novembre had been using mostly a progressive rock kind of approach and then the death metal vocals made their return after being absent in Novembre albums for a while. This should be a welcome treat for fans of death metal for sure. Even Novembre has changed their style since their early days and it shows that artists evolve and try to flow with the times and whatever style is in demand.

The Blue in terms of its style and approach has the ability to relax you, to calm you and to help you develop awareness of just how refreshing this album really is. Speaking of relaxing, the instrumental song “Zenith” is precisely one of those moments. It has the progressive guitars as the song builds into a sort of classically influenced instrumental as the song really slows down and the then the guitar comes back again.

How Does The Blue Begin?

The Blue starts off with the very melodic vocal filled song “Anaemia” which has influences in there that would later influence bands such as Theatre of Tragedy. You can also clearly hear the return of the death metal growls which you will have heard if you remember the band’s debut album or even in albums such as Classica. “Anaemia” which is spelled similar to anemia is a song about what happens when your mind goes crazy and you struggle at night with what is described as a quest to remain alive. It almost feels like evil spirits have possessed the person’s mind. The lyrics are quite complex in Novembre songs but they often times deal with pain or emotional and personal struggles.


Drummer Giuseppe Orlando's Last Musical Contribution

The Blue also is the last album to have Giuseppe Orlando as a member of the band. He would leave in 2015 but if this is the way that he went out of the band, he left the band knowing or maybe not knowing that the album is more than likely the finest modern release in the history of Novembre.


Carmelo Orlando (left) and Massimiliano Pagliuso (right).
Carmelo Orlando (left) and Massimiliano Pagliuso (right). | Source

The Blue is Novembre's Best Album

The album is a philosophical way of looking at how life turns out and sometimes we walk through life in what is described as the sorrowful way on the song “Architheme.” “Nascence” has lead guitar work that is reminiscent of Opeth which is a bonus kind of positive quality. “Sound Odyssey” is another Opeth influenced song and it is symbolically about sailing through the seas and discovering the essence of what we are as human beings. Our essence is our soul or spirit that came into a physical body for us to learn certain spiritual lessons. “Argentic” is a song that symbolically brings awareness to the fact that the sun and its rays can help to ease our sorrows and improve our mood in certain cases. There is both sun and rain with the rain representing a period of darkness and sorrow. Overall, The Blue is the best work in the career of Novembre and its musical variety should be commended and congratulated. It has progressive rock parts, death metal vocals, complex acoustic passages and lyrics that dive deep into personal struggles and the human condition. It is like their previous work Materia but much better.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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