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Review of the Album "The Colour and The Shape" by Alternative Rock Band Foo Fighters

Updated on January 27, 2018

Album Cover for The Colour and the Shape

Introduction to The Colour and the Shape and Why It May Be Better Than Foo Fighters' Debut

The Colour and the Shape is one of the alternative rock albums that I was introduced to when I was in my 20’s and it is memorable for that reason. This is the 2ndstudio album by Washington State band Foo Fighters. For the purposes of this album, the band decided to spell color the English way by writing it as “colour.” Is this album better than the band’s debut? From a songwriting standpoint, you could make a clear case that it is better than the band’s debut. Songs like My Hero and Everlong add to the strength of this album.

Everlong has one of the most recognizable riffs in the alternative genre. The song is a love song about someone that is waiting for the one that he loves so that he can spend his life with her but he is wondering whether things will work out like they once did when they were together.

Inspiration for This Album Review

The song that was in my head today (September 15, 2017) and inspired me to write a review of this album is the song called My Poor Brain. After a series of weird sounds, the song settles down and this is where things get exciting! As Dave Grohl says “this is a blackout, don’t let it go to waste,” his vocals get more angry and aggressive but this does not reduce the quality of the song. The album starts with the short but soft song called Doll.

Monkey Wrench: Why Is This Song So Good?

Then comes the fast punk rock style song called Monkey Wrench.

The song is about a relationship that has really soured. One of the people is wondering what they can do when it seems that innocence has gone and all their enemies have become friends. At the end of day, one of the people does not want to be the monkey wrench, the scapegoat that is being blamed for all the problems that resulted in during the duration of the relationship. The song called Up in Arms is a love song. There are times where we cannot forget about the one we love. After a soft, pop feel, the song gets heavier and speeds up.

Monkey Wrench (music video)

The Greatness of the Song My Hero

Next comes the song My Hero which was always one of my favorite songs from this album back in 1997 and it is still one of my favorite songs in 2017. The riffing is solid in this song and Dave does one of his best vocal jobs ever. The main repetitive riff in the song is also one of the most memorable moments. Having heroes and role models in our life is very important and sometimes we have to figure out who our heroes are. Dave says that he wrote this song to say that he did not have any rock heroes when he was growing up. A hero is a person who also saves someone who is in danger but that’s a literal definition of that word. This is one of the top 3 songs in the band’s history along with Wattershed and Everlong.

My Hero (Official Music Video)

Why Are Foo Fighters Such a Great Band for the Alternative Rock Genre?

The song See You can be used to mean that it is always good to see a good friend or the one that you love. Foo Fighters isn’t better musically than Nirvana was but their songs are still entertaining and they once again show one of the good aspects of the United States. When it comes to grunge and alternative rock, the US has always been one of the top nations in the world for this genre starting with 1989’s Bleach, 1991’s Nevermind, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and these first two Foo Fighters albums.

The Songs February Stars, Walking After You and Final Thoughts

February Stars is a song about hoping that you hang on even if it is by your fingertips without falling. Walking After You is another soft song that deals with breakups. If the other person decides to break up with us, sometimes we care about them so much that we will walk after them to kind of track them down in a sense. Overall, The Colour and the Shape is a solid, powerful, and enjoyable alternative rock album by Foo Fighters!

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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