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Review of the Album "the Dark" by American Heavy Metal Band Metal Church

Updated on August 6, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


What Makes "The Dark" a Special Album?

Metal Church is one of those bands that I got into around 1998 and 1999 and The Dark at least at that time was probably my favorite album from this American band that goes way back as far as 1980. "Watch the Children Pray" is the best song in this album and one of the best songs from Metal Church of all time. That’s the song to listen to this album for.

What is the Song Watch the Children Pray About? What are the Influences in This Song?

The song starts with some incredible acoustic guitar as the song is about praying to GOD that whatever may come will be for the good. But sometimes we are led astray as we seem to lead a wretched life on this planet. May GOD save us from catastrophe! Shifting our focus back to the song "Watch the Children Pray," the song continues with its next message that we trust our fate and make certain choices in life and sometimes they work out while not working out in other cases. If you listen to no other song on this album, at least make sure to give this song at least a few good listens to see how incredibly good it is. All of us have to say goodbye to life one day as hard as that may be. The song also reminds me of the song Valley of Misery by Finnish band Mind-A-Stray.

"Watch the Children Pray"

How Does the Album "The Dark" Begin?

Ton of Bricks might as well be the sort of song that tries to make the statement that in life we will not be denied if we take chances to get to our goals. We cannot cave in to society’s demands if we want to win. That’s the manner which I interpret this song.

"Ton of Bricks"

Analysis of the Other Songs In "The Dark" by Metal Church

The late David Wayne (1958-2005) sounds somewhat like Jon Oliva of the band Savatage and I also detect a little of Steve Souza in him as well. Method to Your Madness is a song about what happens to a brave soldier when that soldier dies in battle. There is the famous 21 gun salute as the soldier is laid to rest but at the end of the day, his death doesn’t seem to matter as that soldier most likely died to support the military industrial complex. The Dark is a song about someone that is living in fear because they are shaking and thinking to themselves that some evil force is inside the house. He was always afraid of the dark as a child so what is that howling wind like? I guess he’ll never know. Psycho has a very catchy opening riff as the song is about a person that is ready to attack the youth of the world and steal the knowledge from their minds. This song Psycho may be better than the one that System of a Down would write years later. Line of Death is the type of song that the band Annihilator would be influenced by when they would compose the album Never Neverland in 1990. Then comes the song called Line of Death which is a song that describes a scenario in which opposing navies are involved in a sea war with missiles being fired. It is only a matter of time before one side loses the attempt at naval domination, which is usually what wars end up being like with one side basically losing and one side winning battles of attrition. Burial At Sea is a song about a journey that is foolish because it leads the crew to an icy wasteland where many crew members are frozen to death. One of the members is angry to no avail but it seems that no one will listen to him.

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© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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