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Review of the Album "The Morning After" by German Thrash Metal Band "Tankard"

Updated on September 14, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Album Cover for The Morning After


The Morning After Represents a Better Moment for Tankard Musically

German thrash metal band “Tankard” went into the year 1988 in pretty good position musically having released two good albums in Zombie Attack and Chemical Invasion. By 1988 however, we hear the band mature vocally as well as in terms of the guitar riffing in the album called “The Morning After.”

How Does the Album's Cover Match the Title of the Album?

The album cover for this 3rd album is also different than the first two albums. The album cover for The Morning After shows an exhausted young man lying down in his room after a late night of massive partying. The cover shows the man on the floor totally exhausted as his room is more than just untidy. It is in such a mess that there are dirty clothes, a record on the floor and there is also a bottle of whiskey on his bed. The main headline on the newspaper that he has on the floor has the headline titled “The Morning After.” It is said that a picture says a lot about what the symbolism is behind the image. The album’s cover matches the title of the album.

"The Morning After" Review Part 1

The album begins in a rather interesting fashion with the track called Intro. The track begins with someone dialing a number using one of those old phones back in the time when I was a boy. It is followed by an automated message from Washington National Bank saying that there is no one take the call. The fast and heavy song Commandments lyrically refers to the Bible but it uses the topic of beer and breweries to being across the point that having a good time while doing this sort of activity is something sacred and like a religion. In terms of the riffing and heaviness, this album is similar to late 1980’s and early 1990’s Holy Moses. Just listen to the albums “The New Machine of Liechtenstein” and “World Chaos” and you’ll see that in terms of the production and sound, this album is similar to those two. TV Hero is a song about someone that wakes up in the morning and he is driven crazy by everything including having to deal with much traffic on the street. He arrives to work only to be given a very rude welcome by his boss. Meanwhile, he is horrified by the violence that he sees on TV. The TV often times has many negative news stories and these stories are not the most pleasant ones to hear about. Stay away from the local news and instead focus on thrash metal that is fun, fast, and entertaining like what you hear from Germany’s Tankard.

Intro + "Commandments"

About the Song Called F.U.N.

Speaking of entertainment, the next song called F.U.N. is a song about having fun with friends without starting a fight and causing a disturbance. Often times, during certain concerts, people let their emotions get the best of them and they may fight near the stage. As the song ends, you can clearly hear a dog barking several times.

The Songs "The Morning After" and "Desperation"

The song called “The Morning After” is a song that describes what happens to a man that wakes up the next morning and sees that his room is in a total mess. He vows to never drink so much again because he is experiencing headaches and a hangover. The song can be a reminder that we should not drink to the point of excess. It would be in 1993 that the band Annihilator would address the problems of alcoholism in the song called Don’t Bother Me. The song called Desperation is a song about the life of someone that puts things off until the last minute and this kind of behavior is known as procrastination. Many of us have done this as college students but the song is referring to it in a songwriting sense. He wants to write a song that is due the next day but he is so desperate that plagiarism sounds like a good idea to him. Most of us have heard of the term plagiarism and that’s an offense that could lead to serious consequences for the person especially in the work world. I have procrastinated many times in my life and this habit leads to pressure and stress as the deadlines draw near.


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Song "The Morning After"

Final Thoughts About "The Morning After"

Not counting the short Intro, Outro, and the track called Mon Cheri, “The Morning After” technically has nine full songs of fast thrash metal that has the potential to be very entertaining.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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