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Review of the Album "The Trick" by Brazilian Thrash Metal Band Attomica

Updated on February 19, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


"The Trick" Is Influenced by the Band Megadeth

Brazilian thrash metal band Attomica really aroused by interest especially with their 4th album called 4 back in 2012. In 2018, these guys released their 5th album called “The Trick” and although I wasn’t sure how many more album reviews would be done, the eagerness to give their latest album a chance has come up. Immediately what comes to mind in this album is that the vocals do indeed resemble those of Dave Mustaine, a man that has gotten widespread fame in the heavy metal community. Stylistically with the riffing and bass lines, I am reminded of a few songs off of Countdown to Extinction. This does not mean that we hear what could be considered exact copies of those songs but you can tell just by the style. The early 1990s Megadeth style is noticeable in the song called Kill the Hero. Give Me the Gun is the first song that starts off this album and I am reminded of the Peace Sells era Dave Mustaine vocal style.

There Is More Than Just Thrash Metal

Brazil is a country that might as well have risen to prominence with bands such as Sepultura and Krisiun a band whose music I have not really heard yet. But getting deeper into this album as of this early experimentation, I see and witness the time change in this album as it is not just fast and heavy stuff but there is a very refreshing change when we hear extended time periods of just beautiful acoustic guitar parts! The album is dedicated to the memory of Alex Rangel, the band’s former vocalist that died in 2015. In spite of the album’s title there is nothing that will trick you or leave you wondering what is going on musically but it is a rather refreshing blend of thrash metal that should appeal to even the fans of generic thrash metal.

The Trick: a Look at the Songs

“The Last Samurai” lyrically is about what a Japanese warrior must do in order to be honorable for his clan. A samurai is a Japanese warrior that uses a large sword during battle. “The Trick/You Bet is a song about someone that does anything to try and confuse others. He lives a life of lies and denies reality until it catches up to him. Near the end of the song, it slows down in the most beautiful way possible with an acoustic part that even Andres Segovia would have been proud of. “Endless Cycle” is another beautiful song that is about the fact that the Universe has already pretty much planned our destiny. We are but a small part in the whole Universe as we go back to where we came from after we die and there is a rebirth of various life forms. There is an instrumental song called Land of Giants which is a good instrumental but not awe inspiring. The album ends with the song Mistery. The song lyrically encourages us to make the most of our lives until it is over. We must step past our fears and just continue to live our lives to the fullest. Overall, "The Trick" is another solid album from these Brazilian thrash metal veterans as this Megadeth influenced album is pretty darn good and it would leave Dave Mustaine pretty impressed.

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© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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